Who killed lester in american beauty: Why was Lester in the movie American Beauty killed?


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    In the movie American Beauty, Lester is killed by a gunshot to the head. While it’s never explicitly stated who killed him, there are a few theories about who did it. Some believe that his wife Carolyn did it, as she was unhappy in their marriage and deeply resentful of Lester. Others think that their son Ricky did it, as he was struggling with his own demons and had threatened to kill Lester before. It’s still unclear who killed Lester, but there are a few possible suspects. In this blog post, we’ll explore the theories about who killed him and why they may have done it.

    Lester’s character in American Beauty

    Lester’s character in American Beauty is a middle-aged man who is struggling with his marriage and his relationship with his daughter. He turns to alcohol and drugs to cope with his problems, and he eventually loses his job. Lester’s wife leaves him, and he becomes involved with his daughter’s friend, Angela.

    Lester’s downward spiral culminates in his being shot and killed by Colonel Fitts, the father of one of his daughter’s friends. Colonel Fitts is a highly decorated Marine who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He believes that Lester is having an affair with his wife, and he fatally shoots him in a fit of rage.

    Theories on who killed Lester in American Beauty

    Theories abound as to who killed Lester in American Beauty. The most popular theory is that Lester was killed by his own wife, Carolyn. She had been having an affair with Lester’s best friend, Buddy Kane, and she was worried that Lester would find out and divorce her. She also stood to inherit a large sum of money if Lester died.

    Another theory is that Buddy Kane killed Lester in order to get revenge for Carolyn having an affair with him. He was seen arguing with Lester shortly before his death and he had access to the gun that was used to kill Lester.

    A third theory is that Ricky Fitts, the teenage boy who lived next door to the Burnhams, killed Lester. Ricky was infatuated with Jane Burnham, Lester’s daughter, and he may have killed Lester in order to have a relationship with her.

    It is also possible that Colonel Fitts, Ricky’s father, killed Lester. Colonel Fitts was a highly decorated Marine who had a history of violence. He did not approve of his son’s relationship with Jane and he may have killed Lester in order to keep them apart.

    Ultimately, the identity of the killer remains a mystery. It is possible that we will never know who really killed Lester Burnham in American Beauty.

    Why was Lester killed?

    Lester was killed for a number of reasons. Firstly, he was in the way of Ricky and Jane’s relationship. Secondly, he was a potential threat to Buddy’s business. Lastly, his death served as a warning to others who might cross Buddy.


    In the movie American Beauty, Lester is killed by his next-door neighbor, Colonel Fitts. Colonel Fitts is a closeted homosexual who is repressed and frustrated with his own life. He sees Lester as a threat to his own masculinity and view of the world, and so he kills him in order to feel more in control. While this may be one interpretation of who killed Lester and why it is important to remember that there is no definitive answer; each viewer can come to their own conclusions based on the evidence presented in the film.

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