Which Of The Material Has Positive Temperature Coefficient Of Resistance


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    Which Of The Material Has Positive Temperature Coefficient Of Resistance


    Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) is a technical term that refers to the rate at which a material increases its resistance to temperature changes. TCR is important because it can dictate how well a material will perform in various industries. For example, materials with high TCRs are generally better suited for applications that involve high temperatures, such as in the manufacture of jet engines or car engines. In this blog post, we will explore which of the five major materials have the highest TCRs and what this means for you. We will also provide some tips on how to use these materials in your own projects.

    Material with Positive Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

    Materials with high positive temperature coefficient of resistance are usually more resistant to changes in temperature than materials with a low positive TC. This is because materials with a high positive TC resist thermal runaway by maintaining their shape and function at higher temperatures.

    Some metals, such as titanium and aluminum, have a very high positive TC. This makes them good choices for heat exchangers, because they can maintain their heat transfer properties even when the surrounding environment is very hot or cold.

    Other materials, like nickel-steel alloys, have a moderatepositiveTC. This means that they can withstand only small temperature changes before breaking or losing their function.

    Materials with a lowpositiveTC are generally less resistant tochanges in temperature andaremore susceptible rotational heat up.


    It can be difficult to determine which material has a high temperature coefficient of resistance. However, by looking at the materials’ thermal conductivity and their thermal expansion coefficients, you can find out which ones have a high TCR. Additionally, if you are using a thermocouple in your application, the TCR will be directly proportional to the accuracy of the reading.

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