Which beauty and the beast character are you


We all have our favorite Disney movies, but when it comes to Beauty and the Beast, there’s no better way to determine exactly which character you are than by taking this quick quiz!


Belle is a beautiful, intelligent and independent young woman. She is the only person who can see the Beast’s true form; she loves to read, especially her favorite book “Beauty and the Beast”; she also has an animal lover side, which shows when she rescues Chip (the teacup) from being thrown away by his owner.

The Beast

You’re the Beast. You were once a prince, but were transformed into an angry monster by an evil enchantress. Your heart is good and you have a sense of humor, but your outward appearance is intimidating. However, you are eventually transformed back into a human at the end of the story.


Gaston is a handsome, narcissistic hunter who is the villain of the story. He is not as intelligent as he thinks he is and has no regard for other people’s feelings or opinions. Gaston wants to marry Belle, but she rejects him because she sees through his lies about being a good person and can’t stand his vanity.


Lefou is Gaston’s sidekick, and he’s the only one who believes him. He has a crush on Belle, but she doesn’t like him back. Lefou doesn’t change his opinion of Gaston throughout the movie because he thinks that he is right about everything else in life too!

Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be on top of things, then you might already know that Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth are the only two characters who appear in both the movie and musical versions of Beauty and the Beast. In fact, they’re also both pretty loyal: Mrs. Potts was willing to sacrifice her life for Belle’s safety during Gaston’s attack on their cottage; Cogsworth went along with Lumière’s plan to trick Belle into thinking she’d lost everything by pretending not to recognize her when she came back home after her adventure at court (which was really nice because otherwise it would have been really awkward).


If you have read this article and identified with one of the characters, then it’s time to reflect on the qualities that make up your personality. You should be able to see how these traits affect your life. For example, if you are Belle, then it’s likely that you are a very intelligent person who cares deeply about others.

You should also be able to identify what makes you unique as an individual and how those qualities can be used for good in society at large. For example, if Belle is your favorite character from Beauty and The Beast (and she should be), then consider how her intelligence helped her overcome challenges throughout her journey in both books and films alike!

Did you find out which Beauty and the Beast character you are? If not, don’t worry! We hope this quiz helped give you some insight into who you are. And remember: no matter what kind of person we are on the outside, at our core we all have something beautiful inside us waiting to be discovered by others (and ourselves).

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    Which beauty and the beast character are you

    Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time. It’s a story of love and loss, hope and heartbreak. But most of all, it’s a story of redemption. The film has become a Disney classic, and its characters have become iconic. So, which Beauty and the Beast character are you? Take this quiz to find out!


    Belle is the female protagonist of Disney’s 1991 film Beauty and the Beast. She is an intelligent and determined young woman who dreams of adventure and excitement beyond her small, provincial town. When her father is imprisoned by a fearsome Beast, Belle bravely takes his place, despite the danger. Through her compassion and courage, she begins to see the humanity within the Beast and ultimately falls in love with him.


    As the Beast, you are a powerful and passionate individual who knows what you want and goes after it with determination. You have a strong sense of justice and believe in fighting for what is right, even if it means making sacrifices. You are also fiercely protective of those you care about and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. While you can be quick to anger, you are also quick to forgive and have a heart full of love and compassion.


    If you consider yourself a bit of a ladies’ man, Gaston is the character for you. He’s charming, handsome, and always knows just what to say to sweep a lady off her feet. He’s also fiercely competitive and isn’t afraid to show it. If you’re looking for a challenge, try winning over Gaston.


    Lumiere is one of the most iconic characters from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. He is a talking candelabra who serves as the castle’s majordomo. Lumiere is an upbeat and positive character who always looks on the bright side. He is also fiercely loyal to Belle and is always there to help her in her time of need. If you are looking for a fun-loving and loyal friend, then Lumiere is the character for you!


    Cogsworth is one of the main characters in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. He is an enchanted mantel clock who serves as Belle’s confidant and friend. Cogsworth is always ready with a joke or sage advice, and his loyalty to Belle is unshakeable. He may be a little uptight, but deep down he’s a softie who just wants what’s best for those he cares about.

    Mrs. Potts

    Mrs. Potts is a kind and maternal figure who always looks out for those around her. She is always there to offer a warm cup of tea and a listening ear, no matter what the problem may be. Mrs. Potts is a loyal friend and will always stick by your side, even when times are tough.

    Which beauty and the beast character are you?

    If you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast, then you’ve probably wondered which character from the film you most like. Well, wonder no more! Here’s a quick quiz to help you find out which Beauty and the Beast character you are.

    1. What is your favorite color?

    a. Blue
    b. Yellow
    c. Red
    d. Pink

    2. What is your favorite food?

    a. Fruit
    b. Vegetable
    c. meat
    d. sweets
    3. What is your favorite hobby?

    a. Reading
    b. Singing
    c. Dancing
    d. Cooking

    4. What do you think of a beast?

    a. He’s scary!
    b . He’s misunderstood and just needs some love
    c . he’s handsome and charming
    d. He’s a brute who deserves to be locked away

    5 . how do feel about gaston?

    a . He’s cute and funny! b .he’s an arrogant jerk who needs to be put in his place c .he’s dangerous and should be avoided d .he’d make a great friend if he wasn’t so boastful

    If you answered mostly a’s, you’re Belle. If you answered mostly b’s, you’re the Beast. If you answered mostly c’s, you’re Gaston. And if you answered mostly d’s, you’re Lumiere.

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