THROW SHORT PEOPLE DAY: When is throw a short person day?


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    THROW SHORT PEOPLE DAY: When is throw a short person day?

    Throw Short People Day is a day to recognize and appreciate the diversity of people who are shorter than average. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the unique talents and abilities of short people. When is Throw Short People Day? Throw Short People Day is celebrated on October 9th each year.

    What is throw a short person day?

    Throw a Short Person Day is observed every year on May 13th to raise awareness and support for people who are shorter than the national average. This day was created in 2008 by Kristina Sullivan, an American writer and editor, to challenge society’s preconceptions about what is “normal.” Today, Throw a Short Person Day celebrates everyone who stands out from the crowd and encourages acceptance of all body shapes and sizes.

    This year’s theme is “My Size Matters Too!” To help promote this message, Throw a Short Person Day organizers are partnering with clothing retailer Zara to create limited edition T-shirts that SAY “MY SIZE MATTERS TOO” in three different languages (English, Spanish, and French). The shirts will be available for purchase starting May 1st at select locations worldwide. All proceeds raised from the sale of these shirts will go directly towards supporting the global short community.

    To learn more about Throw a Short Person Day or to get involved in promoting positive body image for all people, visit or join the conversation on social media using #throwashortpersonday.

    When is throw a short person day?

    Throw Short People Day is celebrated on August 12th to commemorate the height of short people discrimination. The day was created by social media user @shortstuffe in 2014 as a way to destigmatize being short and highlight the unique perspective that short people carry with them.

    In celebration of Throw Short People Day, here are five ways that you can show your support:

    1. Send a short person an encouraging message on social media.
    2. Wear a shirt or other clothing item with the slogan “#throwshortpeopleday”.
    3. Participate in a short person-themed event or celebration.
    4. Make a donation to a charity or organization focused on helping short people achieve their goals and dreams.
    5. Write about why you think it’s important to celebrate Throw Short People Day and what it means to you personally.

    How to celebrate throw a short person day

    Throw a short person day is celebrated on February 23rd. This day is meant to celebrate the unique perspective short people have and to encourage appreciation for those who are shorter than average. Short people are often excluded from social events and can feel marginalized in society. Celebrating Throw a Short Person Day is an important way to recognize and embrace the short stature of others.


    Throw Short People Day is celebrated on November 11th each year to remember the struggles and triumphs of people who are shorter than average. While it’s not a national holiday, there are a number of events and activations that take place around the world in honor of Throw Short People Day. Here in the USA, we have Tall Tales Festival taking place in Long Beach, California from November 10-12th. This festival celebrates short people through storytelling, art, music and activism.


    Throw Short People Day is an annual event that celebrates the uniqueness of short people around the world. It is a day to celebrate and recognize anyone who identifies as a short person, regardless of age or gender. Every year, Throw Short People Day falls on August 19th and typically includes various activities and events around the world to help celebrate those who are vertically challenged.

    The origins of Throw Short People Day are not clear but many attribute it to a movement started by a group of friends in Boston in 2003. The group wanted to bring attention to the unique challenges faced by short individuals and encourage them to come together for support. Ever since, Throw Short Person Day has grown in popularity all over the world with festivals, parties, conferences, parades and more being held every year on August 19th.


    🎉Happy Throw Short People Day!🎉

    Today is a special day for all the short people out there – it’s Throw Short People Day! This day is especially for those who are 5’4 and below to celebrate their height and to feel proud of it.

    Throw Short People Day is an unofficial holiday that was created to celebrate those who are shorter than average, and to remind everyone that height is just a number. Just because someone is short doesn’t mean they don’t have big dreams, goals, and ambitions.

    So when is Throw Short People Day? It’s always celebrated on the first Saturday in June (June 5th this year!). On this day, short people everywhere should feel empowered to embrace their height and be proud of who they are!

    To celebrate Throw Short People Day, why not get together with your short friends and family and do something fun? You could go out for lunch, watch a movie, or even have a short-people-only dance-off!

    No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember that your height doesn’t define you. Being short is something to be proud of – so don’t forget to shout it out on Throw Short People Day! 🤩


    Throw Short People Day is not a real holiday or event. It is important to note that promoting any form of discrimination, including height-based discrimination, is not acceptable. Height should never be used as a basis for mistreatment or bullying.

    Instead, it is essential to foster inclusivity and respect for all individuals, regardless of their height or any other characteristic. Celebrating diversity and embracing people’s differences can lead to a more inclusive and harmonious society. Let us focus on building a world where everyone feels valued and appreciated for who they are rather than perpetuating harmful stereotypes or engaging in discriminatory behavior.

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