IS DARK SOULS 3 CROSS PLATFORM: Is dark souls three cross platform?


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    IS DARK SOULS 3 CROSS PLATFORM: Is dark souls three cross platform?

    DARK SOULS 3 is finally released and many PC gamers are eagerly awaiting the game to be added to their Steam libraries. However, there has been some confusion among those who have been asking if dark souls three will be cross platform with the previous two games. Here we will clarify whether DS3 is cross platform or not.

    What is Cross Platform?

    Cross Platform is a term that refers to the ability for games to be played on different devices, such as a PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Games that are cross platform allow players to connect with other players who are playing on different platforms, helping to make the game experience more unified. In order to ensure compatibility between these devices, developers must take into account the differences in each console’s hardware. Dark Souls 3 was confirmed to be cross platform by FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki at The Game Awards 2016. However, this does not mean that all modes of the game will be available on all platforms. For example, there will likely be exclusive modes and content that is only available on certain platforms.

    How Does Cross Platform Work?

    Dark Souls III is a game that was developed for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It is also available for PC, however there have been some reports of issues with the game not working correctly on PC. In regards to cross platform play, it appears that this feature may not be available at this time. Players who want to play Dark Souls III on their PC will need to use a different version of the game than those who want to play it on their Playstation 4 or Xbox One. When it comes to online multiplayer, Dark Souls III seems to work fine between all platforms.

    Dark Souls III on PC/Mac/Linux – Is It Cross Platform?

    When it comes to Dark Souls III, it appears that the game is not cross platform. You can only play the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Some players believe that this is due to Bandai Namco’s policy of releasing new games first on their respective platforms. However, others believe that this might simply be because they haven’t been able to figure out a way to make it work successfully. Regardless, if you want to play the game on PC or Mac, you will have to find someone who has a copy and can set it up for you.

    Dark Souls III on PS4 and Xbox One – Is It Cross Platform?

    Dark Souls III is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. This game is an action-RPG that follows the story of a Chosen Undead as he or she traverses through a dark world full of deadly creatures in order to find a way to defeat the Dark Lord. This game has been confirmed to be cross platform, meaning that players on PS4 and Xbox One can play together without any issues. So, does this mean that Dark Souls III will also be coming to PC? Unfortunately, no. While it is possible for Dark Souls III to come to PC, there have been no announcements yet indicating this is actually happening.

    However, there are some good news for PC gamers. The fact that Dark Souls III is cross platform means that it will likely receive updates and improvements simultaneously on all platforms. This means that PC gamers will not have to wait long for multiplayer features and other enhancements. Furthermore, as the popularity of Dark Souls III increases among console gamers, future ports may make their way over to PC as well. As long as fans continue to demand it, we can only hope Bandai Namco Entertainment sees fit to bring the game over to our beloved platform!


    Dark Souls III on PC is beautiful and runs great. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work on PS4 or Xbox One.

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