Which Of These Cards Can Wake Up The Opposite King If Positioned Properly?



Of the following cards, which one is best at waking up the “opposite king” if placed in its proper position?

The Emperor of Winds

The Emperor of Winds is a level 4 wind monster. It has 1800 ATK and 1000 DEF, making it an ideal candidate for summoning The Sleeping King.

It’s also important to note that The Emperor of Winds has a continuous effect: when this card is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 “The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode” from your hand or Deck in face-up Defense Position.

The Grandmaster of The Six Samurai

  • The Grandmaster of The Six Samurai is a level 5 monster with 2300 attack points.
  • You can tribute summon [card]The Six Samurai – Zanji[/card] by tributing two other monsters you control, who will then gain 500 attack points for each samurai on your side of the field. This means that if you have three samurais on your side of the field, he’ll be at 2700 attack points! That’s pretty good considering this card only costs one tribute to summon and has no cost to use its effect (unlike [card]Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of The Beginning[/card], which requires one tribute).


The Emperor of Winds , The Grandmaster of The Six Samurai and The Emperor of The Gods are all great cards to play when you have a monster on the field. If you want to trigger their effects, they need an empty zone in front of them (that’s where your other monsters will go after summoning).

The Legendary Fisherman III can only be activated if there are no monsters in its column or row. It won’t work with any other cards that require empty zones around them!

The Emperor’s Holiday lets you destroy one card from your hand during each turn; this means if you want to use its effect again next turn (like when using another holiday), then make sure not to destroy another copy before ending your turn!

We hope you enjoyed our list of cards that can wake up the opposite King.

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    Which Of These Cards Can Wake Up The Opposite King If Positioned Properly?

    In this blog post, we will be exploring a question that has stumped many chess players: which of the following cards can wake up the opposite king if positioned properly? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this question is sure to stump you. In fact, it’s so difficult that some people have even created computer programs to answer it. So what does the answer have to do with chess? Plenty, actually! This question is used in many different chess positions to test whether or not it’s advantageous to move a particular piece. And while the answer may surprise you, it’s an important part of learning the game. So keep reading to find out which card can wake up the opposite king and learn more about chess positions!


    When playing chess, it is important to know which cards can wake up the opposite king if positioned properly.

    The rook can do this by moving to the 8th rank, directly behind the king. Because the rook is so close to the king, it can potentially move any of the pieces that are blocking its way.

    If you’re able to position your rook in this way, you may be able to force your opponent to forfeit their game.


    The Knight can be used to wake up the opposite King if positioned properly. It is usually played when the opponent’s King is in danger of being taken, such as when it is surrounded by pieces or close to a pawn.


    The following cards can wake up the opposite king if positioned properly: the joker, the ace of spades, and the two of clubs.


    If you’re looking to wake up the opposite king, some of these cards can help get the job done. Check out your options below!

    Pawn: This card has a special ability that allows it to switch positions with any other piece on the board, including the king. This can be helpful if you want to take advantage of an opening in the enemy’s defense.

    Queen: Another card with a special ability is the queen. When placed next to the pawn, it can jump over and attack the opposing king. This can be a powerful move if timed correctly.

    Rook: The rook is another card with a powerful ability. When placed next to either the pawn or queen, it can do extra damage to the enemy king. Be careful not to place this card too close to your own king, or you may end up getting attacked instead!


    If you want to wake up the opposite king in a game of chess, one of your cards may be able to help. The queen can be used as an “en passant” pawn, which means that she can move without capturing any other pieces on her way. This allows her to reach the king without being blocked, and she can then set him back on the board in a different position.


    There are many different cards that can help make it possible to wake up the opposite king if positioned properly. Some of these cards include the joker, the two of clubs, and the two of diamonds.


    In this article, we explored the possibility of using different cards to wake up the opposite king if positioned properly. With just a few strategic moves, you can dramatically change the course of the game and achieve your goal. Which card will be your lucky charm? Let us know in the comments below!


    The Judgement card is a great example of an awakening card. It can wake up the opposite king if the conditions are right.

    Ace of Cups

    Ace of Cups is one of the best cards you can place in a position to wake up the opposite king. It’s also one of the most powerful and positive cards in any deck, so if you’re looking for love or compassion, this is your go-to card.

    The Ace of Cups represents hope, new beginnings and new opportunities. If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant on your path toward finding love or happiness then this card will help guide you toward what it is that will make you feel whole again.


    Judgement is a card of resurrection. It’s also a card of new beginnings, as well as ideas and rebirth. Judgement represents renewal, change, and refreshment. This may be the time to look at your life from an entirely different perspective–one that can help you move forward with a fresh outlook on what you want out of life!

    If you’re looking for advice on how to make this happen, then I recommend reading my book The Psychic Power Of Your Dreams: How To Use Your Dreams To Change Your Life Forever – available now on Amazon Kindle!

    The Star

    The Star is a card of hope and new beginnings. It represents inspiration, healing, and luck. In the position of the opposite king, it can be a powerful tool for waking up your partner’s heart chakra if you place it correctly.

    The Star will help you to see things with fresh eyes so that you can start over again with a clear mind and open heart–in other words: start anew!

    Eight of Swords

    The Eight of Swords is a card of restriction. It represents being trapped and having no options, so it’s not surprising that this is one of the cards that can wake up the opposite king if positioned properly.

    The meaning of this card in a reading depends on where it falls in relation to other cards. If it comes before a major arcana card, such as The Moon or The Hierophant (the fifth and sixth cards), then you may be feeling restricted by external factors such as relationships or family obligations–you can’t do what you want because others are trying to control your life. However, if The Magician falls after your reversed King–say he’s at number 16 and she’s at number 17–then maybe what seems like an external restriction is actually self-imposed; perhaps there’s something inside yourself holding back progress?

    There are various cards that can potentially wake up the opposite king.

    There are various cards that can potentially wake up the opposite king. The opposite king is the card that is in the opposite position from your card. For example, if you have a heart and your opponent has a club, then their king would be their spade.

    The following list contains some common examples of cards that can possibly wake up an opposing king:

    • Aces (A)
    • Kings (K)

    We hope that we’ve given you some insight into how to wake up the opposite king, and which cards can help you do it. There are many other cards in the deck that might be useful in this regard as well! The important thing is not to get discouraged if one attempt doesn’t work out; keep trying until you find what works best for your own unique situation.

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