Which Of The Following Are The Features Of Complete Instructions


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    Which Of The Following Are The Features Of Complete Instructions

    Instructions are essential to any task, and they can make or break the success of a project. There are a number of features that make instructions great, and you should consider using them in your own writing. In this article, we will discuss three of the most important features: clarity, comprehensibility, and ease of use.

    Instructions that are easy to follow

    -The instructions are easy to follow
    -The instructions are clear
    -The instructions are concise
    -The instructions are organized

    Instructions that are easy to follow:

    1. The instructions are clear and concise. They provide all the information needed to complete the task, without leaving out important details.
    2. The instructions are organized in a logical manner, which makes them easy to follow.

    Instructions that are complete

    Complete instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow.

    Instructions include detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures.

    Instructions include complete information about what you need to do and no guesswork.

    Instructions are written in an easy to understand language.

    Instructions that are accurate

    In order to make the instructions as accurate and complete as possible, each step should be fully explained with accompanying images or videos. Additionally, supplementary materials (e.g. further reading information, FAQs) should be included where relevant in order to ensure that readers have all of the resources they need in order to follow the instructions correctly.

    To ensure accuracy and completeness, each step in the instructions should be fully explained with accompanying images or videos:

    1. Assemble the parts
    2. Install the screws and washers
    3. Fit the bearing into the wheel hub
    4. Align the wheel hub with the wheel axle
    5. Fit the wheel onto the bearing and screw it in place
    6. Fit a new set of brake pads onto wheel
    7. Mark any adjustment points on wheel hub and bearing *note: these are NOT actual adjustment points!*

    *please refer to photo below for markings on both hub and bearing*

    The following steps describe how to adjust your bike’s brakes by using basic tools:

    1) Disconnect bike’s brake line at pedal

    2) Remove screws from rear hub

    3) Unbolt brake pads

    4) Move brake rotor by loosening clamp

    5) Turn rotor until it lines up with marking on hub

    6) Reinstall screws

    7) Reconnect brake line

    8) Test ride your bike! If adjustments need to be made, repeat steps 1-8.

    Please refer to the photo below for markings on both hub and bearing:

    Supplementary materials that may be helpful in following the instructions accurately include:
    -Further reading information on how to adjust bike brakes
    -FAQs on how to adjust bike brakes

    Instructions that are helpful

    When you read instructions, it can be helpful to first understand the purpose of the instruction. This is especially true for goal-oriented instructions like those that describe how to make a cake or how to repair a television.

    The following are features of complete instructions:
    1. Purpose: The purpose of the instruction should be clear and concise. If the instruction is too long, it may be difficult to understand what you need to do.
    2. Steps: The steps in the instruction should be easy to follow and numbered consecutively. Each step should provide specific information, such as what tool or object you will need and where it should be found.
    3. Details: Detailed information, such as exact measurements and directions for completing a task, should be included in every step of an instruction.
    4. Warnings and Caution Statements: Warnings and caution statements should be included at critical junctures throughout the instruction so that users are aware of potential hazards and know what precautions they need to take when completing the task.

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