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    Where Is Caste Certificate Number On Caste Certificate Maharashtra

    Caste certificate is an official document, issued by the government, for categorizing people into one of the four Hindu varnas – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Each caste has its own unique privileges and limitations. Caste is an important part of Indian society, and without caste certificates, it would be very tough to find a job or education that fits your caste. So where is your caste certificate number on your caste certificate? Typically, the number is located near the bottom right-hand corner of the document. If you can’t find it or if it’s damaged, you can get a new caste certificate from the government office that issues them.

    Caste Certificate Number

    The caste certificate number is usually located on the top left hand corner of a caste certificate. It is also commonly found on the front and back of a caste certificate.

    Caste Certificate Maharashtra

    Maharashtra is one of the 31 states in India. It is located in the west-central region of the country. The state has a total area of 319,976 km² and a population of 67,132,836 as per 2011 census. Maharashtra is bordered by Gujarat to the north and east, Uttar Pradesh to the east and south, Madhya Pradesh to the west and north-west, and Karnataka to the south. The state capital is Mumbai. Maharashtra has 27 districts which are further divided into talukas. These districts are further subdivided into villages or panchayats. In order to obtain a caste certificate in Maharashtra one must visit a local village registrar who will issue you a caste certificate number based on your caste category. For instance, if you are an OBC person your caste certificate number would be “OC-1”.

    What is the Difference Between a Caste Certificate and a Caste Mark?

    A caste certificate is a document issued by the government of India that lists the castes to which an individual belongs. A caste mark is a physical symbol, usually a brass or bronze disc or an indelible ink stamp, that is worn by members of certain castes in order to identify themselves.

    How to Get a Caste Certificate Number in Maharashtra?

    Caste certificate numbers are listed on the back of caste certificates in Maharashtra. The caste certificate number is located near the bottom right corner. To get a caste certificate number, you will need to go to the district registrar office in the district where your caste falls. You will need to provide your name, date of birth, and ID card number. The caste director at the district registrar office will then generate a caste certificate number for you.

    Where to Find the Caste Certificate Number on a Caste Certificate in Maharashtra?

    The caste certificate number is found on the upper left-hand corner of the caste certificate. You can also find this number at the top of the caste certificate when it is displayed in a government office or temple.


    In this article, we have discussed what a caste certificate number is and why it is important for those who wish to apply for a caste certificate in Maharashtra. We have also provided instructions on how to find the caste certificate number of someone if you need it. If you have any other questions about obtaining a caste certificate in Maharashtra, please do not hesitate to ask us!


    A Caste certificate is a proof of your caste. It contains your surname, father’s name, mother’s name and their occupations. The caste certificate number is mentioned on the top line of the certificate in Hindi. It is a unique number which will be used for further use and reference of the person who owns that particular certificate.

    The caste certificate number is mentioned on the top line

    The caste certificate number is mentioned on the top line. It is in Hindi and it’s a unique number of your certificate.

    It is in Hindi

    The caste certificate number is in Hindi. It is written in Devanagari script and consists of a unique number that identifies your caste certificate. The first three digits represent the district number, while the last four digits denote your individual identity.

    It is a unique number of the certificate

    It is in Hindi and on the top line, it has been written by hand so that you can easily recognize your caste certificate number.


    The caste certificate number is mentioned on the top line of your caste certificate. It’s in Hindi and it’s a unique number for each certificate issued by the government.

    For example, if you have a Caste Certificate Number 1234-56789 then your name is likely to be written as follows: Name: 1234-56789 Press Tab to write more…

    Address: 123456789 In case you want to verify your caste certificate, then you can visit this link.

    You can find the caste certificate number on the top line of the certificate. It is a unique number for each certificate and it will help you identify your certificate easily.

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