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    The other day I was sending a parcel through Speed Post and I was asked to mention the Consignment Number. I had no idea what it was and the person at the counter wasn’t very helpful either. So, I decided to find out myself and today, I will be sharing that information with all of you. A consignment number is basically a tracking number given to your parcel so that it can be tracked. This number is unique to your parcel and is given to you at the time of booking. You can use this number to track your parcel online on the Speed Post website or on the India Post website.

    What is a consignment number?

    A consignment number is a unique number assigned to a shipment by the sender. This number is used to track the shipment and can be used to look up information about the shipment, such as its current location and estimated delivery date. The consignment number is typically printed on the shipping label and can also be found in the tracking information for the shipment.

    How to find your consignment number

    If you have sent a parcel or letter via Speed Post, you can easily find your consignment number. This number is either printed on the receipt that you received from the post office, or it is mentioned in the online tracking section of the India Post website.

    To track your consignment online, simply enter your consignment number in the tracking section of the website. Once you have entered the number, click on the ‘Track’ button to view the delivery status of your parcel or letter.

    What to do with your consignment number

    Once you have dispatched your Speed Post item, you will be provided with a consignment number. This number is used to track the progress of your item as it is being delivered.

    If you have any questions about the delivery of your Speed Post item, you can contact the Indian Postal Service using the consignment number. The customer care representative will be able to provide you with updates on the status of your delivery.

    If your Speed Post item has been delivered successfully, you will receive a confirmation letter from the Indian Postal Service. This letter will contain your consignment number and other important details about your delivery.

    How to track your consignment

    Once you have dispatched your consignment through Speed Post, you can easily track it by entering the unique 13-digit alphanumeric Consignment Number in the ‘Track Item’ feature on the India Post website. This number is mentioned on the dispatch label affixed on the cover along with other postal markings.

    You can also track your consignment by sending an SMS to 166 or 51969 or 919810022388 in the following format:
    SP13 digit alphanumeric code
    For example – SP 075649283119

    In case you have registered for the mobile tracking service of Speed Post, you will get alerts about the status of your consignment directly on your mobile phone.

    If you’re sending a speed post through the postal service, you’ll need to include a consignment number. This is a tracking number that will help the postal service keep track of your package as it makes its way to its destination. Speed post is a great option for those who need to send items quickly, and with the added tracking features, it’s easy to see why this service is so popular.


    A consignment number is an essential element when using Speed Post to send packages and documents. It is a unique number that helps customers track items sent via Speed Post. Consignment numbers are also used to confirm payments for goods or services and provide financial security for both parties involved in the transaction.

    The consignment number issued by Speed Post consists of 13 digits and provides detailed information about the item being shipped such as its destination, sender’s address, receiver’s address, date of dispatch, type of item being sent etc. This helps customers keep track of their package along its entire journey from sender to recipient. Customers can easily check the status of their shipment by entering the consignment number on the India Post website or through SMS tracking services provided by Speed Post.


    🤔Have you ever come across the term ‘Consignment Number’ when you were sending something via Speed Post? Well, if you have, then you must be wondering what is this consignment number and why is it important?

    Consignment Number is a unique number assigned to a package or parcel when it is sent through Speed Post. This number is used to track the package from the time it is sent until it reaches its destination. You may have seen this number printed on the package itself, or at the time of booking, you may get it on the receipt.

    The consignment number is very important for tracking the package. It helps you in finding out the exact location of the package at any given point of time. With the help of this number, you can easily track the package and get its exact status like whether the package is in transit or it has been delivered. It also helps you in finding out when the package is expected to reach its destination.

    Apart from tracking the package, the consignment number is also used for other purposes like tracing the delivery status and getting any kind of information related to the package. You can also use the consignment number to lodge a complaint in case of any delivery issue.

    So, that’s all about the consignment number in Speed Post. It is a very important number and should be kept safely while sending something through Speed Post. 📦

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