People often say that they have a cold or the flu, but what if your sickness is something that you can’t throw? In this article, we’ll explore all the things that people catch but can’t throw away.


Hiccups are caused by a temporary spasm of your diaphragm, the muscle that separates your chest from your abdomen. They can last for a few minutes or up to 48 hours, but they’re not harmful and will go away on their own. If you have hiccups, don’t worry–they’re not dangerous! There are several ways to get rid of them:

  • Drink water slowly until you feel like you’ve had enough (about 8 oz)
  • Eat something sweet like sugar cubes or jellybeans; this helps stimulate nerves in your throat that help stop hiccups
  • Take deep breaths while holding onto something stable so you’re less likely to startle yourself with sudden movements

A cold

If you’re like most people, your mind immediately jumps to how a cold can be caught. The truth is that viruses are extremely contagious and can spread from person to person through contact with an infected surface or directly from one person to another. But what about when the virus is in your own body? Can you get sick from yourself?

What exactly causes a cold?

A cold is caused by a rhinovirus (also called “the common cold”), which lives in your nose and throat before spreading throughout the rest of your body. People catch this virus through direct contact with someone who has it, like shaking hands or sharing food or drinks; indirect contact such as touching door handles where others have sneezed or coughed; touching surfaces where infected droplets may have landed; breathing air containing contaminated mucus particles blown into the air by someone else who’s infected with rhinovirus – basically anything that would allow an exchange of fluids between two different people!

The flu

The flu is caused by a virus that spreads through the air and can be caught when you breathe in contaminated droplets. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting your annual flu shot, which is available at any medical clinic or pharmacy for free. If you do get sick with the flu, there are over-the-counter medications you can buy to help you feel better faster.

If you think that your child has come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with influenza (or “the flu”), talk to their doctor right away so they can determine whether or not treatment is necessary–and if so, what kind should be used based on their age and overall health status.


Wrinkles are caused by a combination of genetics, environment and lifestyle. They’re an inevitable part of aging, but they don’t have to be permanent. Wrinkles can be prevented with good skin care, reduced with cosmetic procedures and treated when they appear on your face or neck.


Acne is a skin condition that causes pimples and blackheads on the face, neck and back. Acne is caused by bacteria infecting hair follicles in your skin and can be treated with antibiotics or hormone therapies.

To prevent acne:

  • Stay clean! Wash your face daily with warm water and mild soap to keep dirt from clogging pores.
  • Don’t pick at your blemishes! This can cause scarring or infection. If you have an active pimple, try applying ice cubes directly to it for 10 minutes every hour until it goes away (make sure not to use hot water when applying ice cubes).

If you already have acne: There are lots of over-the-counter products available at drug stores that claim they’ll clear up blemishes quickly but don’t work as well as dermatologists would like them too because they usually contain high levels of benzoyl peroxide which dries out skin too much causing irritation instead of helping clear up breakouts faster.”

A cold sore

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. The virus is spread by direct contact with an infected person, or through exposure to their saliva or other bodily fluids (such as during a kiss). You can also get it from sharing personal items such as toothbrushes and razors.

Cold sores aren’t contagious–you can’t catch them from someone else who has them–but if you’ve never had one before and suddenly start experiencing symptoms of an outbreak, it’s important to see your doctor right away so they can give you medication that will help prevent further outbreaks in the future! Canker sores are not caused by a virus; they’re more like ulcers on your gums or inside your cheeks that hurt when you eat spicy foods or brush too hard against them with your tongue while eating something crunchy (like chips).

People can catch a lot of things they can’t throw.

You can catch a lot of things you can’t throw. Hiccups, colds and flu are all diseases that people can catch from each other. But there are also some diseases that people can catch from themselves–for example acne, cold sores and wrinkles (which are caused by aging).

People get these diseases because they have germs in their bodies that cause them to get sick if they don’t take care of themselves properly or if something bad happens to them like getting hit by someone else’s ball on the playground at school!

But it’s not just germs that make us sick–sometimes we’re just unlucky enough for something bad to happen right when we were eating lunch with our friends or playing outside like normal kids do every day after school until their parents pick them up at 5 pm sharp so they don’t have time left over before dinner starts cooking itself while everyone sits down together around 8 pm sharp then eats together until 11 pm sharp so everyone gets enough rest before waking up early again tomorrow morning ready once more…

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    The Different Types of Things You Can Catch But Not Throw

    There are many things in life that you can catch but not throw. For example, you can catch a cold but you can’t throw it. You can also catch a fish but you can’t throw it. Other things you can catch but not throw include:


    These are just a few examples of the many things you can catch but not throw. So the next time you’re looking for something to do, consider catching something instead of throwing it!

    Why You Can’t Throw These Things

    There are a few things in life that you just can’t throw. Your significant other, for example, is someone you probably shouldn’t throw (unless they’re into that sort of thing). The same goes for your kids, your pets, and your grandmother.

    But there are other things that you can’t throw, even though you might really want to. Here are a few examples:

    1. A fitted sheet

    No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get that darned fitted sheet into a perfect little ball. It always ends up looking like a wrinkled mess. And don’t even get us started on trying to fold it back up again. We give up!

    2. A deck of cards

    Shuffling a deck of cards is easy enough. But try to throw them in the air and catch them again and you’ll quickly realize that it’s not as simple as it looks. The cards always end up getting stuck together or going in different directions. Not fun!

    3. A Frisbee

    This one is just plain impossible. No matter how much arm strength you have or how hard you try to spin the Frisbee, it always ends up going off in some weird direction or flying straight into the ground. So frustrating!

    There are a few things in life that you can catch but not throw, and they’re usually pretty important. Things like the flu, a cold, or even your breath. So the next time you feel like you’re about to lose your cool, remember that there are some things that you just can’t afford to throw away.

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