Unknown Host ‘Jcenter.Bintray.Com’. You May Need To Adjust The Proxy Settings In Gradle.


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    Unknown Host ‘Jcenter.Bintray.Com’. You May Need To Adjust The Proxy Settings In Gradle.

    Recently, we came across an unknown host ‘Jcenter.Bintray.Com’. You may need to adjust the proxy settings in Gradle. Gradle is a build tool used by Android developers to manage dependencies and versioning of projects. Jcenter.Bintray.Com seems to be hosting repositories for some unknown project which may cause trouble for users if they are using it without realizing it. Gradle, by default, tries to use this repository as a source of updates for projects that use it, which may cause problems for users who don’t want their projects using this repository. If you have issues with Jcenter.Bintray.Com or you just want to be extra careful, you can try removing it from your list of repositories: gradlew removeRepository –repo=jcenter.bintray.com

    What is Jcenter.Bintray.Com?

    Jcenter.Bintray.Com is an unknown host that may need to be adjusted the proxy settings in Gradle. This unknown host was discovered when trying to install the Android Support Library from Bintray. The issue was traced back to a proxy setting on the user’s machine that was preventing the installation from completing. After changing the proxy settings, the installation completed successfully.

    If you are experiencing issues installing packages from Bintray or other sources using Gradle, it is possible that you are encountering problems due to an incorrect proxy setting. To troubleshoot this issue, first try restarting your computer and then attempting the install again. If those steps do not resolve the issue, you can adjust your system’s proxy settings by following these instructions:

    Open System Preferences and click on the Network tab Click on the “Advanced” button Under “Proxies,” click on the “Add” button Enter Jcenter.Bintray.Com into the “Host name:” field Enter your internet address (e.g., into the “Port:” field Click on “OK”

    Once you have entered these values, your system should be able to use Bintray without any issues.

    What Does Jcenter.Bintray.Com Do?

    Jcenter.Bintray.Com is a strange hostname that may be causing problems for some Gradle users. If you’re experiencing issues with builds orgradle-wrapper, it’s likely that this hostname is causing them.

    Gradle uses proxy settings to allow it to connect to remote repositories. If the proxy settings are incorrect, then Gradle may not be able to connect to Jcenter.Bintray.Com. To fix this, you’ll need to adjust the proxy settings in Gradle:

    1) In the project properties dialog box, click on the Build tab and then click on the Advanced button.
    2) Under the advanced build settings section, click on the Proxy Settings button and then enter the following information:
    3) In the Host field, enter jcenter.bintray.com
    4) In the Port field, enter 8443
    5) Click on OK to apply these changes and close the Project Properties dialog box.

    How to Fix Jcenter.Bintray.Com Issue?

    If you are facing an issue with the jcenter.bintray.com host, the first step is to check if there is any proxy settings that need to be adjusted in Gradle. If not, then you may need to contact your IT department and ask them to re-direct the traffic to jcenter.bintray.com.

    Gradle is known for being a reliable build tool, but occasional issues can occur with its dependencies – such as jcenter.bintray.com. If you encounter problems installing or using Gradle, it’s always worth checking if there are any proxy settings that are preventing it from connecting correctly.

    In most cases, adjusting Gradle’s proxy settings will resolve the issue and allow you to build projects successfully using Gradle. However, if this doesn’t help, then contacting your IT department may be the best course of action.


    Unknown Host ‘Jcenter.Bintray.Com’. You May Need To Adjust The Proxy Settings In Gradle.


    If you have been attempting to build a project in Gradle and are consistently receiving an error message indicating that jcenter.bintray.com cannot be found, then you may need to adjust your proxy settings in Gradle. This is often the case when working behind a corporate firewall or other restrictions that impede access to certain sites.

    Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to resolve this issue and allow Gradle access to the jcenter repository. First, add a system property for http_proxy if such exists in your environment variables (e.g., export http_proxy=http://<user>:<password>@<host>:<port>). Then set the environment variable GRADLE_OPTS=”-Dhttp_proxy=$http_proxy”.


    😭 Have you ever encountered an error while trying to use Gradle to download dependencies? Well, if you’ve come across the error message “Unknown host ‘jcenter.bintray.com’. You may need to adjust the proxy settings in Gradle.”, then you know the frustration of not being able to install or update something.

    Fortunately, this issue is easy to fix. Here’s how to adjust the proxy settings in Gradle to resolve the issue.

    First, you need to obtain the proxy settings for your network. To do this, you’ll need to contact your network administrator. Once you have the information, you can use it to configure Gradle.

    To configure Gradle, you’ll need to edit the ‘gradle.properties’ file. This file is located in the same directory as the ‘build.gradle’ file. In this file, you’ll need to add the following three lines:

    systemProp.http.proxyHost=<your proxy host>
    systemProp.http.proxyPort=<your proxy port>
    systemProp.http.nonProxyHosts=localhost|*.<your domain>|

    Once you’ve added these three lines, save the file. Now, when you run Gradle, it will utilize the proxy settings that you’ve provided.

    If you’re still having trouble after following these steps, there may be other issues that need to be addressed. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact your network administrator for further assistance.

    We hope that this blog has helped you to resolve the “Unknown host ‘jcenter.bintray.com’. You may need to adjust the proxy settings in Gradle” error. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. 😊

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