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Types of Jeans

Jeans are the one piece of clothing that defines our lives. This is one thing that is universal across all cultures and social backgrounds.

We spend most of our time in that one pair of jeans, which becomes like a second skin due to its perfect fit and comfort.

We can’t help but buy a new pair whenever we go shopping because the market is flooded with options.

It doesn’t matter that we won’t wear it for months and that the tags will remain on our cupboards. Buying them is fun, and life is too short to wear only one type of denim.

So, the next time you go shopping, try out these ever-trendy types of jeans for girls and create a new wardrobe fit for any occasion!

1. Skinny jeans

We all have our favourite pair of black skinny jeans that go with everything. Skinny jeans are as the name implies, skin tight. These are the best-looking leggings on the market. They are usually very stretchy and come in a variety of cuts. Go for it!

2. Boyfriend jeans

No, you don’t wear your boyfriend’s jeans. The idea behind these jeans is to make you look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. It’s tighter in the hips and looser in the legs. These are great for thicker thighs. Avoid them if you are on the petite side as they will make you appear even smaller.

3. Straight or cigarette jeans

Cigarette jeans are the new work pants. Straight, narrow, and very flattering. Unlike regular skinny jeans, they don’t cover your ankles and end just above them. This girl’s jeans is perfect for showing off your curves.

4. Bootcut jeans

Jeans from the 1960s and 1970s made a comeback in 2017. These jeans are universally flattering. The biggest plus is that the wearer’s height appears longer. These jeans are disfigured at the bottom and should be worn with high heels for a more distinguished look.

5. Flare jeans

Another vintage style to add to your wardrobe. Girls’ bootcut jeans are similar. They have a wide opening from knee to ankle. The jeans are fitted above the knees to show off the flare. Style them with a turtleneck sweater for a vintage vibe.

6. Jeggings

Jeggings are the most comfortable bottoms clothing available. The denim leggings are soft, stretchy, and perfect for the fashionista in you. They’re like leggings but with a waistband instead of buttons and zips. This easy to wear jeans for girls is the best jean twist ever.

7. Low rise jeans

Low rise or low-waist jeans were all the rage. They were everywhere before you knew it. With a defined waist, these start a few inches below your belly button. The low rise is a sub option in any of your other jean choices.

8. High-waist jeans

This year’s hottest trend is these girly jeans. With crop tops and bralettes so trendy, everyone’s first choice for bottom wear is high waisted. These look better because they cover your belly fat and fit your natural waistline.

9. Capri jeans

No, they aren’t for kids. You just need to learn the proper styling. These are the coolest denim ways to beat the summer heat. Show off your lovely legs and relax in style.

10. Ripped jeans

We used to throw away torn jeans, but now we cut them out with blades and sandpaper for the cool factor. Everyone’s favourite ripped jeans. Rips are in! Near thighs, back, front, one leg, whole leg, etc.

11. Patch work jeans

Patchwork is the new way to dress up your jeans. You can buy these jeans or make them by pinning, stitching, or glueing the patches to your denim. You’ll adore the end result.

12. Shiny jeans

Shiny jeans for girls are the newest party trend. These shiny jeans defy the stereotype of only dark and faded jeans. The fabric used is so shiny that you can take on the night in just one piece. Simple tops could be used to soften the look.

13. Side-slit button-up tape jeans

Strange as they may sound, this new 2018 trend has taken over our Instagrams. They are sold in bulk on all clothing websites and look both high fashion and casual. We adore the new girls’ jeans trend.

14. Crochet jeans

Lace and crochet jeans are the perfect outfit for a Sunday brunch or summer parties. They are the best type of jeans for girls who want something new and different.

15. Overall jeans

Kids no longer wear overalls or suspenders. This 90s trend has made its way into women’s denim wardrobes. These girls’ jeans go well with a contrasting top, crop top, or bralette. Options abound. Wear them for comfort and ease of dressing.

16. Jogger jeans

Last but not least, the most comfortable place. Joggers? That’s now a thing. These jeans are the newest fashion trend for girls. Jeans makers are absolutely correct.

When you’re out shopping for denim, try on some of these gorgeous styles that are currently in fashion this season. Choose branded or non-branded items that fit your body type. Decide on the best one and start experimenting.