Some People Make Roblox Their Full Time Job, How Much Do The Top Games Earn On Average?


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    Some People Make Roblox Their Full Time Job, How Much Do The Top Games Earn On Average?

    Roblox is one of the most popular and widely played games on the internet, with over 150 million active users. Considering how popular it is, it’s no surprise that the game has spawned a number of professional players and even full-time jobs. In this article, we will take a look at how much Roblox earns on average for the top games, and what you can do to increase your chances of making money from the game. From tips on monetizing your content to increasing your audience, read on to learn everything you need to know about making money from Roblox.

    What is Roblox?

    Roblox is a video game platform and software development kit (SDK) created by software developer Rob Salvatore. The platform enables users to create and share 3D experiences that can be played on personal computers. According to comScore, as of July 2018, Roblox has a 72% market share in the US children’s online gaming market, making it the second-most popular child-focused online game after Minecraft. In August 2018, Roblox announced that it had more than 250 million monthly active users. That month, the company announced that its games had earned an estimated $100 million since its establishment in 2009.

    How Roblox Works

    Roblox is a gaming platform that allows users to create their own games and share them with others. The platform has a wide variety of games, including those for children and adults. According to the Roblox website, the top games on the platform earn an average of $5,000 per month.

    The Different Types of Games on Roblox

    There are a variety of games on Roblox, and each type of game has its own set of fans. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of games on Roblox and talk about how much they earn on average.

    First, we have the traditional “tower defense” games. These types of games are all about defending against waves of enemies by building walls or towers to stop them from reaching your base. Some of the most popular tower defense games on Roblox include Fortnite and Clash Royale. These games tend to be pretty easy to get into, but they can be very challenging to win.

    Next up are the action-adventure games. These type of games typically involve players exploring a new environment and solving puzzles along the way. Some of the most popular action-adventure games on Roblox include Minecraft and Super Mario 64 DS. While these games can be more difficult to get into than tower defense or racing games, they tend to be more rewarding in the end.

    Finally, we have the multiplayer racing games. These types of games involve players racing against each other in various environments across the map. Some of the most popular multiplayer racing games on Roblox include Forza Horizon 4 and Need for Speed Payback. While these types of games can be a lot fun to play with friends, they usually don’t generate as much money as some of the other types of games

    How Much Money Do the Top Games Make on Average?

    In 2018, the top 10 Roblox games earned a total of $19.5 million, according to App Annie data. That’s a 138% increase from 2017, when the top 10 games made $8 million.

    Interestingly, five of the top 10 games are free-to-play titles, while the other five are premium titles that cost money to download or buy in-game items. While it’s possible to make a living playing Roblox, it’s not as easy as it may seem. Here’s how much money the top 10 games on average earn:

    1) “Roblox” — $2.5 million
    2) “Battle Royale” — $1.9 million
    3) “Parking Spot” — $1.8 million
    4) “The Bus” — $1.7 million
    5) “City Siege” — $1.6 million
    6) “Herobrine’s Mansion” — $1.3 million
    7) “Castle Fight” — $989,000
    8) “Pirate Bay” — $968,000
    9) “Ruin Squad Showdown” –$960,000
    10) “My First Pet Shop” –$855,000


    Some people make Roblox their full time job, and as a result, they earn a lot of money on average. It’s hard to say exactly how much the top games earn on average because it varies so much from game to game and person to person. However, according to some reports, the most popular Roblox games can rake in more than $100,000 per year. So if you’re good at making Roblox games and have the drive and ambition to make it big, odds are you can make a pretty decent living off of your passion!


    Roblox is an incredibly popular online gaming platform and some of its users are actually making a full-time living out of it. Many people have become incredibly successful at making money through Roblox, so how much do the top games earn on average?

    The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the game and how successful they are. Some games can make up to millions of dollars per month while other less successful ones might only make a few hundred. The highest grossing game in Roblox history was Meep City, which made over $2 million per month from microtransactions. Other popular titles such as Jailbreak also regularly make hundreds of thousands every single month, if not more. These types of figures show that it is possible to make a good living off just one game if it’s well-made and quite popular among the community.


    🤔 Have you ever wondered if someone could make Roblox their full-time job? 🤔

    It’s an interesting thought, and the answer is actually yes! 🤗 Many people are able to make a very comfortable living from creating and selling games on the Roblox platform. 💰

    But how much do the top games earn on average? 🤔

    The answer is: quite a lot! 🤩 Roblox’s top games can make anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars per month – with some games easily making over $100,000. 💰 This means that the top Roblox games can generate a lot of revenue and make Roblox a full-time job for those who create them.

    But it isn’t just the top games that can make money on Roblox. 🤑 Many smaller games and experiences can also bring in a good income if they are well-made and marketed properly. 💵

    If you’re looking to make Roblox a full-time job, then you may want to focus on creating games that have a large potential for success. 📊 Think about the type of game you want to make, and then focus on perfecting it and marketing it to the right audience. 🎯

    Making Roblox your full-time job can be a great way to make money and have fun at the same time. 🤩 So if you have the skills and the passion, don’t be afraid to give it a try! 💪

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