Software Maintenance Costs Are Expensive In Contrast To Software Development


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    This article will explore the costs associated with maintaining software and how they differ from those of software development.


    Software maintenance costs are expensive in contrast to software development. The cost of software maintenance is 60% of the cost of software development. Software maintenance costs can be reduced by following some good practices for software development and maintenance.

    Cost of Software Maintenance

    Software maintenance is the cost of keeping software operational and functional. It can be performed by internal or external teams, and it includes bug fixes, enhancements and documentation.

    Software maintenance also includes testing, release management and other activities that ensure software is operating as intended.

    Cost of Software Maintenance vs. Cost of New Development

    In contrast to maintenance, the cost of new development is quite low. In fact, it’s less than half of the costs associated with maintenance. As you can see from this graph:

    There are a few reasons for this difference in numbers. First, there are more people involved in maintaining an application than there are writing one from scratch. There’s also more code written during the initial development period than there is during software maintenance and extension projects—and that means more work for testing teams to do when bugs arise later on down the line!

    software maintenance is about 60% of the cost of software development

    Software maintenance costs are high because of the need to change the software to meet changing business needs.

    In contrast, software development is relatively cheap due to its stable nature, as well as its ability to be reused across many different projects.


    This article has shown you what it might cost your company to maintain a software solution in the long term, and how much it costs compared to developing one from scratch. At first glance, these numbers may seem too high for any business owner or manager to handle—especially considering that they don’t even include the cost of hiring new developers when necessary! But there are ways around this problem: if you plan carefully and prioritize good project management practices over everything else (including budgets), then managing your technology will become easier than ever before.


    Software maintenance costs are expensive in contrast to software development. Many businesses fail to consider the long-term cost of owning and managing software before investing in its development. Software maintenance creates a large financial burden that can exceed the cost of developing the software itself over time.

    Software maintenance requires teams of IT professionals dedicated to keeping applications up-to-date and free from errors or bugs. These teams must be kept current on new tools and technologies, as well as any changes or updates needed for existing systems. Additionally, they must also diagnose and fix any unexpected issues that arise with the software usage. The personnel responsible for this task can be quite costly; hiring them, providing training, salaries, and benefits all contribute to rising maintenance costs over time.


    Software maintenance costs are an often overlooked part of the software development process. While software development costs can be significant, they pale in comparison to the ongoing costs associated with software maintenance.

    Software maintenance costs are those expenses incurred after the initial development of the software – they include bug fixes, updates, feature enhancements, and other support activities. These costs can be significant, and are often underestimated when the development process is being planned.

    Software maintenance costs are often much more expensive than software development costs for a variety of reasons. First, software development costs tend to be front-loaded, meaning that most of the cost occurs during the initial development phase. On the other hand, software maintenance costs are incurred over the life of the software, and are spread out over time. This can make them significantly more expensive in the long run.

    Second, software maintenance costs can be more difficult to forecast. Software development costs can be planned for in advance and the budget can be adjusted accordingly if needed. However, software maintenance costs can be harder to predict, as they are based on the number and type of bugs or other issues that are encountered over time. As such, software maintenance costs can be very unpredictable and can quickly spiral out of control if not properly managed.

    Finally, software maintenance costs can be very expensive in comparison to software development costs because of the labor costs associated with them. Software maintenance often requires technical expertise to identify, investigate, and fix problems, which can be quite costly. Additionally, software updates often require thorough testing and quality assurance, which can also add to the maintenance costs.

    Overall, software maintenance costs are typically significantly more expensive than software development costs. This is why it is important to factor in these costs when planning and budgeting for a software project. When estimating software development costs, it is important to include an allowance for software maintenance costs as well. By doing so, organizations can better understand the total cost of their software projects and ensure that they remain in budget.

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