Pan Verfication Failed. (Name Against Uan Does Not Match With The Name In Income Tax Department)


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    PAN Verification Failed. (Name against UAN Does not match with the name in Income Tax Department)

    The message ” PAN Verification Failed. (Name against UAN Does not match with the name in Income Tax Department)” means that the name on your PAN card and the name in the income tax department do not match. You have to contact the income tax department and get this issue resolved


    What is the issue?

    The PAN verification has failed due to the mismatch of your name against UAN does not match with the name in Income Tax Department. It can be due to some of the following reasons:

    • Wrong spelling of your name in PAN card and UAN portal, if you have changed your name after registration for Aadhaar or for any other reasons.
    • The information available on Uan portal is not updated by you or by the employer with whom you have worked.


    It is a good idea to check your PAN card details with the Income Tax Department, before submitting it for verification.


    Pan Verification Failed has become a common issue in India due to the rise of digital payments and transactions. This problem occurs when individuals’ information stored in the Income Tax Department does not match with their name against UAN (Universal Account Number). The mismatch can be attributed to incorrect information entered while registering for PAN card or due to changes in personal details such as name, address or date of birth.

    People facing this issue typically have trouble linking their bank accounts with their PAN cards as well as availing services from government departments that require verification of PAN card details. It is therefore important for individuals to ensure that all necessary documents are verified by the Income Tax Department before attempting any financial transaction. Furthermore, individuals must also keep their personal information updated on the UAN portal so that it matches with what is stored on their PAN cards.


    We all want to stay safe and secure online. But sometimes, even the most secure sites can have issues that can lead to our sensitive data being compromised.

    One such issue is the “Pan Verification Failed” error message. This error message is often seen when trying to create a new bank account or when one is trying to update personal details in an existing bank account.

    The cause of this error message is when the name given in the Permanent Account Number (PAN) card does not match with the name in the Income Tax department’s records. This mismatch can occur due to various reasons such as a typo in entering the name, name change due to marriage or divorce, incorrect spelling of the name in the PAN card or any other mistake.

    This error message can be quite worrying as it can put your personal information and financial data at risk of being accessed by unauthorized third-parties. To ensure your data is safe and secure, it is important to take the following steps:

    1. Check the PAN card for any discrepancies in the name. The name in the PAN card must match with the name in the Income Tax department’s records.

    2. If there is any discrepancy, contact the local Income Tax Department office and get the issue resolved.

    3. If the issue is not resolved, contact the bank or financial institution you are trying to create the new account with and get their help in resolving the issue.

    4. Once the issue is resolved, make sure to always keep your PAN card updated with the correct name as per the records of the Income Tax Department.

    By taking these precautionary steps, you can avoid the “Pan Verification Failed” error message in the future and keep your data secure and safe.

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