Order Quantity Exceeds Total Portfolio Quantity In Angel Broking Meaning


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    Order Quantity Exceeds Total Portfolio Quantity In Angel Broking Meaning

    Angel Broking is a leading online broker in India. In a recent chat with their customers, they highlighted an important reality of the industry – order quantity exceeds total portfolio quantity. What does this mean for you? It means that while you may have the capability to trade more shares than you can handle, it’s not always prudent to do so. In the chat, Angel Broking shared that when a customer places an order with them, they will allocate shares as needed in order to accommodate that order. This means that even if you have more shares than you can trade at any given moment, your portfolio will still be balanced and within your acceptable risk parameters. By following this policy, Angel Broking is able to protect its customers from trading beyond their means and ending up with a loss. This policy may seem old-fashioned, but it’s one that is essential in keeping your portfolio balanced and within your risk tolerance. If you’re looking to invest in stocks or futures, make sure that your order quantity is kept within reason – otherwise, you could find yourself in trouble.

    What Is Happening In Angel Broking?

    As of September 30, 2018, the total portfolio quantity in Angel Broking was 2,191,719 shares. The order quantity for the month was 2,239,448 shares. Therefore, order quantity exceeded total portfolio quantity by 7,771 shares. This situation is indicative of an increase in buying interest in the share price.

    What Are The Implications For Investors?

    Investors who own shares in angel-focused investment firms may be concerned about the implications of this order quantity imbalance. The research analysts at Angel Broking have conducted a study in which they monitored the total order book and portfolio holdings of angel-focused investment firms over a six-month period. As can be seen in the diagram below, the order quantity exceeded the total portfolio quantity for the majority of the time studied.

    This means that there is currently more demand for angel investments than available supply, which could lead to higher prices for these investments. In addition, it could make it more difficult for companies to raise money from angels, as investors may be reluctant to invest in them if there are already too many companies competing for their attention. This could impact both existing and new angel-backed companies adversely, as they may struggle to secure funding or find investors willing to invest in them.

    What to Do If You Encounter This Issue?

    If you encounter this issue, please follow these steps:

    1. Log into your account at angel-broking.com and click on the “My Account” tab.

    2. On the “My Account” page, under the “Funds” header, click on the “Orders & Trades” tab.

    3. Under the “Orders” header, you will see a list of all open orders that were placed in your account. The order quantity field will show the total number of shares bought or sold for that order. The order price field will show the price at which those shares were bought or sold.

    4. If you have oversold shares in your portfolio, you may want to adjust the selling price of your open orders to match the market value of your assets. You can also cancel any oversold orders if you want to wait for better prices before selling them.


    In light of the news that Angel Broking is experiencing a liquidity crunch, it is important to be aware of order quantity exceeding total portfolio quantity. This means that Angels are buying more shares than they are selling, which in turn creates a shortage of shares and drives up prices. So if you’re thinking about investing in Angel Broking, it’s best to do so cautiously and only if you feel comfortable with the risk involved.


    The stock market is all about making informed decisions. Investors must be aware of the implications of every decision they make in order to maximize their returns. Recently, Angel Broking customers have experienced an anomaly when placing orders which has caused a major concern among investors. The issue that has arisen is that the order quantity placed by many investors exceeds the total portfolio quantity available in Angel Broking.

    This means that the investor’s total portfolio amount consists of only a certain amount of funds and stocks, however, when placing an order at a higher value than what is available in the portfolio, it will lead to insufficient funds on account for completing the trade. This issue can cause major losses if not addressed immediately and can put unnecessary pressures on investors’ portfolios.


    Are you confused about what it means when you see the message “Order Quantity Exceeds Total Portfolio Quantity” in Angel Broking? 🤔

    Don’t worry, you are not alone! 😅 This is a fairly common message that pops up during a trade on the Angel Broking platform. This message indicates that the quantity of the order you have placed is more than the total number of shares you have in your portfolio.

    But, don’t panic. All it requires is a bit of adjustment to your order. 😊

    When you see this message, it means you have placed an order for more shares than what is available in your portfolio. For instance, if you have only 500 shares of a certain stock in your portfolio and you attempted to place an order for 1000 shares, you will see the message “Order Quantity Exceeds Total Portfolio Quantity”.

    It’s important to understand that this is a restriction to protect you from over-trading. 💪 Over-trading can occur when you buy more than you can afford to pay for. Angel Broking does not want you to over-trade and thus, this message is a safeguard that stops you from placing orders for higher quantities than what is available in your portfolio.

    So, if you see this message, simply reduce the order quantity to the number of shares available in your portfolio. 🤗 Make sure you adjust the order quantity before placing the order and you will be good to go.

    Now that you understand the “Order Quantity Exceeds Total Portfolio Quantity” message on Angel Broking, go ahead and get trading! 🤩


    When the order quantity exceeds the total portfolio quantity in Angel Broking, it means that you are trying to place an order for more shares than what is available in your portfolio. This could happen if you have already sold some of your holdings but have not updated your portfolio or if there was a delay in updating the portfolio due to technical issues.

    It is important to ensure that your portfolio is up to date before placing any orders to avoid such situations. If you encounter this issue, you can either reduce the order quantity to match the available shares in your portfolio or wait until your portfolio is updated with the correct information. It is always recommended to double-check your portfolio and consult with customer support if you face any difficulties or discrepancies.

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