.Net Framework Does Not Support Which Of The Following Languages


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    .Net Framework Does Not Support Which Of The Following Languages

    If you are working with the .Net Framework and are trying to use a language other than English, you may be encountering some difficulty. In this article, we will explore why .Net Framework does not support certain languages, and what you can do to workaround the situation.

    What is the .Net Framework?

    .Net Framework is a Microsoft platform-based software development system that provides an event-driven, multitasking, distributed environment for developing and deploying applications. It comprises an assembly of tools and libraries used to create software components called “frameworks.” .NET Frameworks include the System.IO, System.Drawing, System.Windows, and System.Runtime libraries as well as tools for application development such as the Visual Studio IDE and the dotnet command line tool.

    The .NET Framework does not support any specific programming language, but it supports a variety of languages through its Common Language Interface (CLI). The CLI provides a set of common functions that can be used by developers to build applications in any language that supports calls to functions in the prelude to C# or Visual Basic .NET assemblies. This includes Java , C++ , COM+, Windows Forms , ASP.NET MVC , and more.

    In addition to supporting popular languages, the framework also includes features specifically designed for use with those languages, including LINQ to Objects and SOAP web services.

    What Languages Does the .Net Framework Support?

    .Net Framework does not support C++. However, it does support the following languages:

    -Visual Basic .NET

    Which Language Require the .Net Framework?

    If you are planning on using one of the languages listed below with the .Net Framework, you may be disappointed to learn that your chosen language does not natively support the framework.

    Visual Basic .NET

    If you are looking for a third-party library that will bridge this gap for you, there are several options available. For example, SharpDX offers managed libraries that let you use C++ and Java code alongside .Net projects.


    The .Net Framework does not support any of the languages listed.

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