Lisa without makeup: Why does Lisa from Blackpink look so ugly without makeup?


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    There’s no denying that Lisa from Blackpink is a stunning young woman. But there’s also no denying that she looks pretty different without makeup. So what’s the deal? Why does Lisa look so ugly without makeup? There are a few possible explanations. It could be that Lisa just doesn’t take care of her skin, or that she has some kind of skin condition that makeup helps to cover up. Or it could be that the Blackpink stylists do such an amazing job with her makeup that we can’t see how beautiful she really is beneath all the products. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: Lisa looks a lot better with makeup than without it. So if you’re ever feeling down about your own appearance, just remember that even someone as gorgeous as Lisa can have an off day (or an off face, rather).

    Who is Lisa from Blackpink?

    Many people are wondering why Lisa from Blackpink looks so ugly without makeup. Some say that she is not pretty enough to be a K-pop idol, while others claim that she is just too lazy to put on makeup.

    Lisa is actually a very beautiful girl, but she often goes without makeup because she prefers the natural look. She has said in interviews that she doesn’t like to wear heavy makeup because it feels like a mask.

    Lisa is also known for being a great dancer and singer, and her talent is what really sets her apart from other idols. Even without makeup, Lisa is still stunningly beautiful and talented, and that’s why she’s one of the most popular members of Blackpink!

    Why does Lisa look so ugly without makeup?

    Many people are surprised to see that Lisa from Blackpink looks completely different without makeup. Her face is much rounder, her eyes are smaller, and her skin is not as flawless. So, why does Lisa look so ugly without makeup?

    There are a few reasons why Lisa might look different without makeup. First of all, she might not be wearing any foundation or concealer to even out her skin tone. Secondly, she might not be wearing any mascara or eyeliner to make her eyes look bigger and more open. Thirdly, she might not be wearing any contouring makeup to sculpt her face. And fourthly, she might not be wearing any lip color to brighten up her complexion.

    Without all of these products, Lisa’s true face is revealed – and it’s not as perfect as we thought. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s ugly. In fact, many people find her even more beautiful without all the fuss of makeup. She looks more natural and approachable without it.

    So don’t be too quick to judge Lisa for looking ugly without makeup – she’s just as beautiful as the next person, both with and without cosmetics!

    How does Lisa feel about her appearance without makeup?

    Many fans were shocked when they saw Lisa without makeup for the first time. Some even said that she looked “ugly” without her usual glamorous makeup. However, Lisa herself doesn’t seem to mind going bare-faced. In fact, she looks just as confident and beautiful without any makeup on.

    It’s clear that Lisa is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t feel the need to wear heavy makeup to look good. She knows that she looks just as stunning with a natural look. This confidence is something to be admired, as it shows that Lisa is truly comfortable in her own skin.

    What do other people think about Lisa’s appearance without makeup?

    When it comes to Lisa’s appearance without makeup, opinions are divided. Some people think she looks better without it, while others believe she looks washed out and uninteresting. Overall, though, the consensus seems to be that Lisa is a stunning girl who can pull off any look – with or without makeup.


    It’s hard to say why Lisa from Blackpink looks so ugly without makeup. It could be that her natural features don’t lend themselves well to the no-makeup look, or it could be that she simply doesn’t know how to do her makeup in a way that flatters her features. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Lisa is not a fan of going au naturel.

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