How to Download YouTube Videos


Downloading YouTube videos is easy, but the first time you try it can be a little confusing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to download videos from YouTube so that you can watch them on your computer or phone whenever you want!

How to download YouTube videos

This guide is a step-by-step process on how to download YouTube videos. You can use this method with any device, whether it be a computer or smartphone.

The first thing you will need to do is go to the YouTube video that you want to download and click on the “Share” button at the bottom right corner of your screen:

Next, select “Download” from under “More Actions”:

Finally, click on “Save Video As..” and save your video locally!

1) Click on the video you want to download

  • Click on the video you want to download.
  • Now, click on “Share” button at the bottom right of your screen and select “Download video.” You can also click on a playlist and then click “Share” button to download all videos in that playlist.
  • Finally, choose your preferred format from available options and save it on your computer or mobile device by dragging it there

2) On the video player, click on “Share”

  • On the video player, click on “Share”

You can share the video with friends or download it by clicking on the download button.

3) Select ‘Download’

Once you’ve clicked on the download button, it’s time to select the quality of your video. You will see a list of options from which you can choose: Low (360p), Medium (720p), High (1080p) and HD 720p. The higher the resolution of your video, the larger it will be in size and thus take longer for it to download onto your computer or phone.

  • If you’re looking for something easy-to-view as well as small in size, choose Low Quality–it’s only 90 MB per hour!
  • For better quality but still relatively small file sizes, go with Medium Quality at 240 MB per hour.
  • If maximum resolution is what matters most to you (and who doesn’t want their videos looking crisp?), then High Quality would suit best at 540 MB per hour; however keep in mind that this option may take some time depending on how fast your Internet connection is! And finally…
  • For those times when nothing else will do: HD 720p requires between 1GB – 2GB depending on length/duration which makes sense considering how much detail must be included within each frame during playback so no wonder why these files sizes are so large!!

4) Choose a download format (MP4 or WebM) and quality (360p, 720p, 1080p). You can also change the destination folder if you want. If you are downloading a lot of videos from YouTube, we recommend using this method to get all the videos in one place.

  • Choose a download format (MP4 or WebM) and quality (360p, 720p, 1080p). You can also change the destination folder if you want. If you are downloading a lot of videos from YouTube, we recommend using this method to get all the videos in one place.

YouTube is a great place to find music and videos to download, but it can be hard to keep track of all the different links. If you want to download multiple videos at once, we recommend using this method so that you don’t lose track of them!

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    You can get a YouTube video in a variety of formats and resolutions, from 240p to 4K. First, you’ll need 4K Video Downloader, a free app that makes downloading videos from YouTube and other sites easy. Once you’ve downloaded it, follow these steps:

    Get 4K Video Downloader.

    If you want to download 4K videos on the Web, your best bet is the 4K Video Downloader app. It allows you to save videos from multiple sites so that you can watch them offline or keep a copy for yourself. To use this program:

    • Go to Google and look for “4K Video Downloader” in the search bar at the top of the page
    • Click on “Download” (or “Free) when it appears in green under “Apps & Games”
    • Follow the instructions onscreen to install 4K Video Downloader

    Copy the video link.

    If you’re on a computer, open up your browser and right-click (or control-click) the video that you want to download. This will bring up a menu of options. Select “Copy Video,” then paste the link into a text document or email.

    If you’re using an app store and have multiple tabs open at once, make sure to only copy the URL from one tab or else you might end up with multiple copies of that same video in your downloads folder! If this happens, don’t worry! Just delete all but one before moving forward with the rest of these steps.

    If you don’t see Copy Video as an option under right-clicking, try checking out some extensions for Chrome like Movie Downloader and Video Downloader Professional (which can also be used by Firefox).

    On Android devices: Open up YouTube’s mobile app if it isn’t already running. Tap on any video thumbnail so that it starts playing automatically in full screen mode with sound turned off (see screenshot below). Once this happens, tap anywhere outside of the video player area — preferably somewhere near where its title appears at top center — then tap Share > Copy Link Address so that it becomes highlighted blue text ready for pasting elsewhere without having to save first then come back later when ready; otherwise just close out immediately after copying instead since nothing will happen until after closing out which takes longer than simply waiting until later since nothing has happened yet anyway except saving would take longer than simply closing out while waiting since nothing has happened yet anyway except saving…

    Insert the video link into 4K Video Downloader.

    To download a YouTube video, you’ll need to use a different method than the one we used for downloading audio files. You’ll first need to find the URL of the video you’re interested in and then copy it from your browser’s address bar. Then, open up 4K Video Downloader and paste that URL into its search bar:

    When you’ve done this, click “Download” and wait for a few seconds for the process to complete. Once it’s finished processing, you’ll be able to see details about each file right below its thumbnail image:

    The time stamp represents how long each clip lasts (in seconds). If you see an asterisk next to this number, this means that there are multiple parts of this video available—for example, if someone uploaded their entire livestream but split it up into individual clips within their playlist on YouTube.

    You can also change how much bandwidth is allocated when downloading these videos; 1GB will usually get them downloaded in less than 10 minutes or so (depending on connection speed), but if your connection isn’t very fast or if there are many other users trying to access YouTube at once (such as during peak hours), then try lowering this value down as far as possible without experiencing buffering issues on playback later down stream.

    Finally there’s “Rating,” which allows us control over whether or not ads appear with our downloads—if yes then leave checked; otherwise unchecked.”

    Choose the desired format and quality.

    Once you are on the video page, click on “Download.”

    A pop-up window will appear asking you to select the format and quality of the file.

    You can choose between different formats such as MP4, WebM or 3GP.

    Choose a format depending on what device you want to watch your video later. For example, if it’s an iPad or iPhone then choose MP4 because Apple doesn’t support other formats besides MP4 and MOV (QuickTime). If it’s an Android Phone then select WebM or 3GP because they are supported by most Android Phones and Tablets (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge).

    Click “Download.”

    To download a video, simply click the “Download” button in the top right corner of YouTube’s web interface. This will start a download and you can proceed with other tasks while it finishes. The file will be saved to your computer and then you can either play it there or move it to another device when you’re ready.

    anyone can download a YouTube video regardless of whether or not they have a YouTube account

    Downloading a YouTube video is easy. You don’t need to have a YouTube account or sign in before downloading a video, and you don’t need to be logged in when you do so. Anyone can download a YouTube video—and it will work on any device that supports the MP4 format.

    Here’s how: Copy the URL for the video you want to download, paste it into Notepad (or your favorite text editor), and save it as nameOfVideo.mp4—for example, “HowToDownloadYouTubeVideos-howto-mp4” or whatever else you want to call your new file!


    The first step to downloading a YouTube video is to get the right tool for the job. 4K Video Downloader is one of the most powerful tools out there, and it can do everything you need when it comes to downloading videos. The next step is finding the right video on YouTube and copying its link into your downloader program (which we’ve shown you how to do!). After that, just select some preferences such as format or quality before hitting “Download” and let your computer do all of the work!


    How to Download YouTube Videos

    YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing websites on the internet. With more than 1 billion active users, it’s no wonder how YouTube has shaped the way we consume video content. YouTube also offers an incredible platform for businesses to market their products and services. In this blog post, we will show you how to download YouTube videos for later viewing. From downloading videos to adding annotations, this guide has everything you need to get started.

    Step 1: Open YouTube and sign in

    1. Open YouTube and sign in.
    2. On the left side of the main screen, under “My Videos,” click on “Upload a Video.”
    3. Click on the “Select File” button and select the video you want to download.
    4. Click on the “Download Video” button at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 2: Under the “Channels” tab, click on the “Reduce” button

    Under the “Channels” tab, click on the “Reduce” button. This will open a new window with a list of all of your subscribed channels. To download a video from one of your subscribed channels, select the video and then click on the “Download” button.

    Step 3: On the next page, select the “Download videos” option

    If you want to save a video for offline viewing, then you’ll need to download it. To do this, go to the “Download videos” option on the next page. You can choose whether you want the video to be saved as an MP4 file or a YouTube-compatible MP3 file.

    Step 4: Click on the “Select videos to download” button and select the videos you want to download

    If you’re looking to save a video or several videos to watch offline later, YouTube offers a download feature. To download a video, first open the video you want to download and click on the three lines in the upper-right corner (or select it in your browser’s media bar).

    Then, click on the “Download” button in the lower-right corner of the pop-up window. You’ll be prompted to choose a destination for your file. You can either save it to your computer, send it via email, or save it to an external storage device like a DVD or USB drive.

    Once you’ve made your selection, YouTube will start downloading the requested video(s). The process can take some time depending on how large the file is, so be patient!

    Step 5: Click on the “Download video” button and wait for the

    If you’re using a desktop or laptop, open YouTube and sign in. If you’re using an app, go to the video you want to download and press the three dots in the top right corner. Select “Download video.”

    On your computer, open the downloaded file. If it’s a MP4 file, double-click on it to play it. If it’s an MP3 file, there are a few ways to listen to it:

    1) Click on the audio icon next to the video player and choose “Save as.”

    2) Right-click on the video and select “Save link as.”

    3) Choose “Play” from the menu bar and then press “Enter.”

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