How old is the prince in sleeping beauty? How old are the Disney princesses and princes?


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    How old is each princess?

    We all know that Disney princesses and princes are ageless. They never age, they never die, and they live in a fairytale world where everything is possible. But sometimes we can’t help but wonder… Just how old are these characters? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the ages of some of the most popular Disney princesses and princes. We’ll also explore how old they would be if they were real people today. So if you’ve ever wondered about the ages of your favorite Disney characters, read on!

    Sleeping Beauty

    In Sleeping Beauty, the princess is only 16 years old when she falls asleep. The prince is said to be around 21 years old when he wakes her up. However, in the live-action movie, Disney’s Maleficent, it is stated that the princess was asleep for 28 years. So, the actual ages of the characters in Sleeping Beauty are unknown.

    The average age of a Disney princess is 19 years old. The oldest Disney princess is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty who is 16 years old. The youngest Disney princess is Jasmine from Aladdin who is 15 years old.

    The average age of a Disney prince is 23 years old. The oldest Disney prince is Phillip from Sleeping Beauty who is 21 years old. The youngest Disney prince is John Smith from Pocahontas who is 20 years old.

    Snow White

    Assuming you are referring to the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie, the prince is never actually given an age. In the original storybook, he is simply referred to as a “young prince”. However, many people have speculated that he is around 19 years old.

    This would make sense, considering that Snow White herself is only 14 years old in the movie. If the prince was any older than 19, it would technically be considered statutory rape if they got married (definitely not something Disney would want to be associated with one of their movies!).

    Interestingly enough, the prince in Snow White is also one of the few Disney princes who doesn’t actually do all that much. He simply shows up at the end of the movie to give Snow White true love’s kiss and break the evil queen’s spell. After that, he rides off into the sunset with Snow White and presumably lives happily ever after with her.


    Cinderella is one of the most popular Disney princesses and has been for many years. She is also one of the oldest princesses, with an estimated age of 19. This puts her at the same age as Snow White and Aurora, who are both 18. However, she is younger than Jasmine, who is 20. Cinderella’s prince, Charming, is also 19.


    Ariel is one of the most iconic Disney princesses, and her story is well-loved by fans all over the world. But how old is Ariel in Sleeping Beauty?

    According to the official Disney website, Ariel is 16 years old in The Little Mermaid. This means that she would be around the same age as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, who is also 16 years old.

    However, some fans believe that Ariel may actually be older than Aurora. This theory is based on the fact that Ariel seems to be more mature than Aurora in both personality and physical appearance. For example, Ariel is shown to be more independent and self-sufficient than Aurora, and she also has a more womanly figure.

    So, how old do you think Ariel is in Sleeping Beauty?


    Assuming you are referring to the Disney animated movie, Sleeping Beauty, the prince is said to be 16 years old. In the original fairy tale, however, the prince is not given an age. As for Disney princesses and princes in general, their ages range from late teens to early twenties.


    Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah and one of the Disney Princesses. She is voiced by Linda Larkin in the films and TV series. In her first appearance in Aladdin (1992), Jasmine is 17 years old.

    In Aladdin, Jasmine is introduced as a strong-willed princess who has been forced into a life of seclusion within the walls of the palace. She is intrigued by the prospect of meeting new people, but she is also aware of the dangers that come with it. However, she ultimately decides to take a chance and sneak out of the palace to explore Agrabah for herself.

    During her adventures, Jasmine meets Aladdin, a street urchin who quickly captures her heart. The two eventually fall in love and get married. In The Return of Jafar (1994), Jasmine is 18 years old.

    In Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996), Jasmine is 19 years old and pregnant with her first child. She gives birth to a baby boy named Ali during the film’s climax.

    Jasmine appears as a supporting character in various Disney Princess media such as books, merchandise, and video games. She also appears as a guest character in some episodes of House of Mouse (2001-2003). In all these appearances, Jasmine is 20 years old or older.


    Pocahontas was born in 1595, making her 21 years old at the time of the film’s events.


    Mulan is the tough and independent Disney princess that everyone loves. She’s also one of the oldest Disney princesses, at 16 years old. Mulan is a great role model for young girls, teaching them that they can be strong and brave even when the odds are against them.


    There are many different interpretations of the ages of Disney princesses and princes, but according to one popular theory, the prince in Sleeping Beauty is only sixteen years old. This would make Tiana, the princess in The Princess and the Frog, the youngest Disney princess at nineteen years old.


    In the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, the prince is seen as a young man, and according to the script, he is supposed to be around 18 years old. However, in the original fairy tale, he is not given an age. The Disney princesses are typically between the ages of 14 and 16, with some exceptions like Mulan who is 19 years old.


    Merida is one of the Disney princesses who is part of the official line-up. She is from the movie Brave and is voiced by Kelly Macdonald. Merida is 16 years old in the movie, making her the second oldest Disney princess after Mulan.

    Anna and Elsa

    Anna and Elsa are the two main characters in the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen. Anna is 21 years old at the beginning of the film, while her sister Elsa is 18 years old.


    “How old is the prince in Sleeping Beauty?” This is a question people often ask when they see me with my daughter, and I always have to tell them that Prince Phillip is 18 years old. But the truth is, there isn’t much consistency with ages in Disney movies. Some of the princesses are older than their princes and some are younger, but most importantly: age doesn’t matter if you’re in love!

    Princess Aurora is 16 years old when she falls into the eternal sleep.

    While it is unclear how old Princess Aurora is in the original Sleeping Beauty story, she is definitely 17 years old in Disney’s Maleficent film. The same goes for her live action counterpart, Cinderella. We know this because Aurora first meets Prince Phillip at the palace ball where she has been invited by her father King Stefan himself.

    So, if we go by that logic, our answer would be: 15! However, this doesn’t mean that the prince himself should be 15 too if they’re going on a date together…

    Prince Phillip is 18 years old when he wakes her up with a kiss.

    Prince Phillip is 18 years old when he wakes her up with a kiss.

    Prince Philip is the only prince who has to kiss a princess to wake her up.

    He also doesn’t have any royal blood, so he can’t marry Aurora unless she marries him first.

    Cinderella is 18 years old when she meets Prince Charming.

    Cinderella is 18 years old when she meets Prince Charming. Prince Charming is actually 22 years old when he meets Cinderella, but he’s been around for quite a while and seems much older to her than he actually is.

    Cinderella also has a younger sister; however, her name isn’t Anastasia (even though that was the name of Cinderella in some countries). The younger sister’s name is Ella because there were two other Cinderellas before this one!

    Her father’s name is King Edgar, which was not his real first name but the first one that came to mind when making up names for him and his family members.

    Prince Charming is 22 years old when he meets Cinderella.

    >Prince Charming is 22 years old when he meets Cinderella.

    >Cinderella is 18 years old when she meets Prince Charming.

    Snow White is 14 years old.

    Snow White is the first Disney princess to be born in a movie, as well as being the first to have her own film. Her singing voice, which was provided by Adriana Caselotti in both Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and its re-release (1955), has been considered one of the best Disney songs of all time.

    Snow White is 14 years old! That’s very young for a princess—but most likely not too young to fall in love with Prince Charming…

    Prince Florian is 21 years old.

    Prince Florian is the prince of the kingdom of Corona, and has a younger sister named Princess Amber. He is described as being very handsome, with a crown of golden hair, a kind smile and eyes like stars. He is also shown to be very kind and caring towards Aurora (at one point he even attempts to bring her back from her unconscious state by singing), and it is implied that he cares deeply for her safety.

    The prince was originally intended to be one of the two princes who competed for Sleeping Beauty’s hand in marriage but after his death at the hands of Maleficent’s dragon form during the battle against her minions outside King Stefan’s castle gates this role was given over instead to Prince Phillip – which could explain why he never meets Aurora face-to-face until she awakens from her curse after being kissed by him several years later on their wedding day

    Tiana is 19 years old when she first meets Prince Naveen, who is 26.

    Tiana is 19 years old when she first meets Prince Naveen, who is 26. This makes Tiana a young woman and not a teenager. However, Prince Naveen is still older than her.

    Rapunzel is 18 when she and Flynn Rider meet.

    The age of the princesses and princes in the Disney movies is not consistent. It seems like every single one has a different age, with no rhyme or reason as to why they would age so differently. For example, Rapunzel is 18 when she and Flynn Rider meet. Just a few films later, we see Tiana at 21 in The Princess and the Frog. But when Anna meets Kristoff, she’s just shy of 16!

    What sense does any of this make?

    Flynn Rider is actually 27, and not in his teens like most of the other princes.

    • Flynn Rider is actually 27, and not in his teens like most of the other princes.
    • Prince Phillip is 18.
    • Prince Charming is 22.
    • Snow White’s age is never specified in the movie, but she’s 14 when she gets married to her prince (which would make him about 20) so we can assume that he was probably around 18 or 19 at the time—the same age as Florian and Tiana’s respective princes! Rapunzel seems to be 18 when she meets Eugene/Flynn; this makes sense since she tells Pascal that they grew up together when they were little kids.

    There isn’t consistency with ages in Disney movies.

    As you can see from the table, there is no consistency with these characters’ ages. Some are young and some are old, but not all at the same time. The same goes for their parents—the king is old in The Little Mermaid, but not so old in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    The prince (or princess) who first appears in his or her movie does not necessarily represent how long they’ve been around before then. In fact, many of them have already been established to be adults by the time we meet them! Prince Phillip has been around since Sleeping Beauty was a baby and Mulan’s father has been protecting China for years before she was born!


    I think it’s safe to say that there is no consistency with ages in Disney movies. However, this does not mean that there’s anything wrong with the stories themselves or even the way they are told. For example, I’m sure you have noticed that most of these princes and princesses have been around for a long time now (if not always), but there’s a reason for that: people love them! They love the characters because there is something about them that speaks directly to our hearts; something which makes us feel like we can be better versions of ourselves by taking their examples into account when making decisions about how we want our lives to look like when they make important decisions as well (such as falling asleep under an old tree).


    The Disney franchise is full of beloved characters, particularly the princesses and princes. One of the most iconic stories is Sleeping Beauty, which centers around a young princess and her prince. But how old are they? How do the ages of Sleeping Beauty’s prince compare to other Disney princes and princesses?

    A quick look at the plot reveals that Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty was 16 when she pricked her finger on the spindle, while Prince Philip was 18 when he saved her. That makes him one of the oldest princes in all Disney films. In comparison, Aladdin and Mulan were both 16 during their respective movies; Rapunzel was 18; Anna and Elsa from Frozen were both 21; and Tiana from The Princess and The Frog was 19. As for Cinderella and Belle from Beauty & The Beast – each was only 17 years old!


    🤴 How old is the prince in Sleeping Beauty?

    The answer to this question is a bit complicated. Although the original version of Sleeping Beauty was written in 1697, Disney’s version of the story was released in 1959. Therefore, the prince in Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty would be approximately 25 years old.

    🤴 How old are the Disney Princesses and Princes?

    The ages of the Disney Princesses and Princes vary. Most of them are in their late teens or early twenties, although some are in their thirties. For instance, Cinderella is 19 years old, while Snow White is only 14. Meanwhile, the oldest Disney Princess is Tiana, who is in her late twenties.

    The ages of the Princes also vary, with some being in their twenties and others in their thirties. For example, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid is 18, while Prince Charming from Cinderella is 30.

    Overall, the ages of the Disney Princesses and Princes range from teens to thirties, with some of the older characters having more mature storylines.

    No matter their ages, all of the Disney Princesses and Princes remain timeless, with their stories of true love and courage that are just as relevant today as they were when they were first released. 💗


    When we think of Disney princesses and princes, we likely think of characters who are typically young—between the ages of six and twelve. But what about the other ages represented in Disney movies? From Ariel to Simba, each character has a story that reveals something about their age, including their experience with love and relationships. In this article, we will explore all the ages of the Disney princesses and princes, from newborns to adults. We hope you enjoy learning about these fascinating characters!

    What are the ages of the Disney princesses and princes?

    Disney princesses and princes range in age from birth to adulthood. Seven of the Disney princesses are infants, while Snow White is a teenager. The oldest Disney prince is 18 years old, while the youngest is 2 years old.

    Timeline of the Disney Princesses

    The Walt Disney Company debuted its first animated feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” on December 17, 1937. The story follows Snow White, a beautiful young woman who is forced to flee her home because of an evil stepmother and seven dwarfs. Her adventure leads her to meet a handsome prince who rescues her.

    Disney released its next feature film, “Pinocchio,” on January 29, 1940. Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who longs to become human. He makes new friends and learns about life along the way.

    Disney’s seventh feature film, “Fantasia,” was released on November 15, 1940. Fantasia is a animated musical fantasy featuring music by classical composers such as Beethoven and Wagner.

    Disney continued releasing animated features throughout the 1940s and early 1950s. Some of these movies include “Dumbo,” “Cinderella,” “Bambi” and “Snow White.”

    In 1955, Disney released its eighth feature film, “Peter Pan.” Peter Pan is the illegitimate son of Captain Hook and Wendy Darling. He never ages and adventures with Neverland pirates until he meets Wendy again and returns to London to live with his parents.

    In 1959, Disney released its ninth feature film, ” Sleeping Beauty.” Princess Aurora wanders into a forest at night and falls asleep after drinking from the fountain of youth. She stays asleep for 100 years until Prince Philip, who is hunting in the forest, finds her and cuts off her hair to wake her.

    In 1961, Disney released its tenth feature film, “The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.” Winnie the Pooh is a friendly bear who lives in the Hundred-Acre Wood with his friends Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit and Christopher Robin.

    In 1967, Disney released its eleventh feature film, “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.” Dalmatians are locked away in a mansion by their cruel owner, Mr. Drood. The animals help them escape and overthrow Drood.

    In 1981, Disney released its twelfth feature film, “The Black Cauldron.” The Black Cauldron is a magical object that can bring anyone who holds it to their heart’s desire. A group of children team up to try to steal it from evil witches.

    Disney released its thirteenth feature film, “The Little Mermaid,” on November 17, 1989. The story follows Ariel, a beautiful sea creature who yearns to be human. She falls in love with Prince Eric and must choose between staying human or becoming a mermaid forever.

    Timeline of the Disney Princes

    Disney’s Princes timeline:

    -Anna (1895-1943)
    -Elsa (1897-2018)
    -Mulan (1983-)
    -Rapunzel (1998-)
    -Tiana (2005-)


    As you may know, Disney movies are filled with happily ever afters and princes charming who save the day. However, before almost every princess got her happy ending (well okay… except for Belle), they had to go through a lot of hard work. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what each Disney princess and prince were like when they first met and fell in love. We’ll also be giving you an idea of their ages so that you can better understand how old-fashioned love actually works!

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