What Does It Mean When Your Ex-Girlfriend Calls You


You’ve just picked up the phone to call your ex-girlfriend, and she answers. She’s been thinking about you, too! Maybe she wants to get back together with you. Maybe she doesn’t want to be in a relationship at all anymore—and this is her way of telling you that. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence that she happens to answer when you call and doesn’t mean anything at all by it. The fact is, there are so many different reasons why an ex might answer their phone when they see your name on caller ID, some good and some bad (or at least neutral). Read on for helpful tips on how best to handle each scenario:

She wants to know if you’re dating.

If she calls you, it’s most likely that she wants to know if you’re dating someone else. She may be worried that someone new has captured your heart, and she wants to make sure that they’re not going to be able to take away what she had with you in the past.

It could also mean that she’s ready for a new relationship herself and is looking for potential partners by calling up her exes (yes, this happens). This would explain why some women will call up multiple guys at once and ask them out on dates–they have no intention of actually dating these men! They just want confirmation from each one that they aren’t still attached emotionally or physically so they can move forward without worrying about any hurt feelings along the way.

She’s testing how well you’re doing without her.

When your ex-girlfriend calls, it’s often because she is testing how well you’re doing without her. She wants to know if you are over her and if you have moved on. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how much time has passed since the breakup and what kind of relationship the two of you had together. If she was abusive or just plain mean during the relationship, then this could be an opportunity for her to see if there’s another girl waiting in line for your attention.

If she was kind and loving during the relationship, then this could be her way of checking up on how things are going in order for her not only as an ex partner but also as someone who cares about what happens next with our lives (even though we may not realize it).

She misses you and wants to reconnect.

If your ex-girlfriend has been calling and texting you, it could be because she misses you. She may want to reconnect with you and rekindle the relationship that once was.

She might also be wondering if you’re dating someone new or if there’s no one else in your life at all. If she’s still single herself, this could be an opportunity for the two of you to get back together again!

She wants to reconcile, but may be scared to call you directly.

When your ex calls you, it could mean that she wants to reconcile. She might be afraid of rejection and conflict, so she’s trying to feel out the situation first. Maybe she wants to know if you’re dating someone else or if there’s any possibility for the two of you. If this is the case, then she will likely ask about your current relationship status as well as her own behavior in the past relationship (i.e., “I want us both to be happy”).

Some women also call their exes because they’re scared of losing them again; perhaps they’ve found themselves missing certain aspects of being with them or feeling nostalgic about how things were before things went sour between them and wondered if it would ever work out differently this time around.

Her friends are trying to set her up on a date with someone else.

If she’s calling you, it’s because she wants to know if you’re dating someone new. She may be testing how well you’re doing without her. If she thinks that things are going well for you, then it’s possible that she misses being with you and wants to reconnect. However, if this is the case and she still hasn’t called or texted back yet (and especially if she has been ignoring all of your calls), then maybe her friends are setting up a blind date for her with someone else!

If an ex-girlfriend calls while they’re trying to set up a date with another guy? That means they want YOU back!

Know what your ex really means when she calls

  • Don’t get your hopes up. It’s easy to assume that if your ex is calling, it means she wants to get back together with you. But if she really wanted that, she would have called months ago when the two of you were still dating. She didn’t–and now she’s calling out of nowhere? Probably not a good sign.
  • Don’t be too excited about the possibility of getting back together with her anyway just yet! Yes, it’s tempting; but don’t jump into anything right away just because things feel good at first glance. Instead: give yourself some time before responding or taking action on anything related to this phone call (or even thinking about doing so). And definitely don’t rush into anything like marriage again!

In the end, it’s important to know what your ex really means when she calls. If you’re not ready to be in a relationship with her again, then don’t get caught up in the excitement of hearing from her. Instead, take some time to think about what she said on the phone and decide if there’s anything more behind those words than just nostalgia for old times together.

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