Describe The Differences Between Political Theory And Political Science


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    Describe The Differences Between Political Theory And Political Science

    Political theory is a branch of philosophy that focuses on the nature of political institutions and their relationship to individual freedoms. Political science, on the other hand, is a field of study that surveys different aspects of politics, including political theory. While both disciplines share some common goals, they also have important differences. In this blog post, we’ll describe some of the key differences between political theory and political science and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

    What is Political Theory?

    Political theory is the study of politics, which refers to the practice of governance and political organizations. In contrast, political science is the study of all aspects of society, including its institutions, processes, and behavior. Political theory has a more abstract and theoretical focus than political science, whereas political science often relies on empirical evidence.

    Political theory is also more philosophically oriented than political science. For example, while political scientists may discuss concepts such as democracy or dictatorship, philosophers may explore such questions as what it means to be a free person or what it means for an institution to be legitimate. Additionally, political theorists often develop theories about how government should function in order to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

    However, despite these differences, there are some important similarities between political theory and political science. Both disciplines rely on empirical evidence and both aim to improve the quality of life for their citizens. Additionally, both disciplines share a commitment to representing different perspectives within their fields.

    What is Political Science?

    Political science is the study of public policies and institutions. It covers a broad swath of topics, from how government works to international relations. Political scientists may also specialize in one or more areas, such as election studies, lobbying, or political parties.

    Political theory is the study of the principles behind politics. These principles can be abstract or empirical, but they are always motivated by some idea about what makes for a good society. Political theorists may focus on one area of politics (e.g., constitutionalism), or they may try to develop a more general theory about how politics works (e.g., rational choice theory).

    While political science and political theory share many common concepts and goals, there are important differences between the two disciplines. Political science is much more interested in studying how things actually work in modern democracies; while political theory often looks at broader questions about human nature and justice. Additionally, political scientists typically rely on empirical evidence and data analysis while theorists tend to rely more on intuition and thought experiments.

    The Differences Between the Two Fields

    Political theory is the study of the foundations and principles of politics, whereas political science is the application of these principles to specific cases. Political theorists tend to focus on broad concepts such as democracy, sovereignty, and justice, while political scientists are more likely to specialize in one area of study such as electoral politics or international relations. Another important distinction between the two fields is that political theorists typically write in academic journals while political scientists publish their work in professional magazines or newspapers. Finally, political theory tends to be less empirical than political science, which means that theories in political theory are based more on logic and reason than facts.


    Political theory is a set of ideas that help us to understand the workings of political systems. Political scientists use these theories to study how politics works in different countries and over different periods of time. It can be difficult to find a single definition that encompasses all the different subfields of political science, but one common theme is that political theory aims to provide insights into how our democratic system should work.

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