How To Give A Girl Your Number Without Being Creepy


Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different ways to get girls’ phone numbers. Some have been winners, some have been losers. But today, I’m going to share with you my favorite way: ASKING FOR ADVICE.

NOTES: You can write this blog post in your own voice and tone of voice. Think about what kind of person would write something like this (you should be able to answer that question if you’re taking the example above). To help you get started, here are some ideas for things that could be included in this guide:


  • Ask for advice on something you are interested in: If you’re genuinely interested in learning more about a certain subject, it’s okay to ask the girl for help. For example, if she knows a lot about flowers or gardening (and she might), ask her what kind of plants would look good on your balcony. If she has an opinion on this topic, she’ll be flattered that you asked her opinion and will probably answer your question with enthusiasm!
  • Ask for advice on a topic that is not related to you: There are many ways to do this without sounding like a creep–for example, “Do you have any tips for making friends at parties?” or “What’s the best way to approach someone at school who I’m interested in talking with but haven’t met before?” These questions show that even though we may not know each other yet (or even talk much), we still want our lives/experiences aligned enough so that if there was ever anything I needed help with (like making new friends), then maybe there could be some mutual benefit from working together towards common goals.” You see how nice this sounds? It’s basically saying “I see myself being friends with someone like me someday” without actually saying those words aloud!


So you want to ask her out, but you’re afraid of coming across as a creep. You don’t want to come off as too much of a loser or get turned down by your crush in front of all her friends. If this is the case, then you’ll need some advice on how to ask for someone’s number without being creepy and what not do when asking for it! Here are some tips:

  • Don’t be specific about your number – Just say “my phone number” instead of saying something like “I’m going to give my phone number out because I’m trying really hard not be creepy.” It will make you seem less desperate if people don’t know exactly what kind of text messages they could potentially receive from yourself in future conversations.* Do not ask questions related to sexual matters – This includes asking if she has ever had sex before (or any other question related), whether or not she masturbates regularly (or any other question related), etcetera ad infinitum ad nauseam.* Do not overuse humor – Humor can be great at times but try not use too much because then it could turn into annoyance rather than amusement which isn’t good either way since no one likes being annoyed by something humorous either!


Touch is a very powerful way to make someone feel connected with you, and it’s also one of the best ways to build trust.

  • Touch her arm, shoulder or back when you’re laughing at something she says.
  • Hold her hand when you’re walking somewhere together (and don’t let go!)
  • Brush your fingers against hers as you pass each other in an elevator or hallways at work/school/anywhere that isn’t private property where touching others without their consent is illegal (or even if it isn’t).
  • Put your hand on top of hers while she’s drinking from a water fountain so she doesn’t have to reach over herself! This can also be done by putting down a straw next time there’s no paper towels around so she doesn’t have do anything but drink out of that straw for five seconds until I’m gone again–it sounds dumb now but will seem like genius later when everyone else has already forgotten about this momentous occasion except me because nothing gets past me when I set my mind on something…


If you’re not sure if it’s appropriate to give a girl your number, ask her. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If she gives the green light, then go ahead and give it!

If you’re still unsure whether or not she would be comfortable with this, try asking one of her friends instead (if she has any). If they say yes, then there shouldn’t be too much of an issue with asking her directly as well–you can always backtrack if need be!


  • Give her your cell phone number, not your work number.
  • Make sure it’s the right one! If you give out a land line and it’s not actually yours, then she can call and harass your family members or roommates until they get really annoyed at you. Then they’ll never want to hang out with you again because they think that’s how bad boys act all the time (and maybe it is). So please don’t do this–just give out a cell phone number instead!


  • Give a girl your number.
  • Be specific about your number. Instead of saying, “Here’s my number,” say something more like “I’ll put my number in your phone.” Or even better: “I’ll enter it myself.” This shows that you’re not just handing over the digits and running off, but actually interested in making sure she has them properly entered into her contacts list and knows how to find them again later if needed–which means that when she does need those digits later on (like when she wants to call or text), then they will be available for her use!
  • Ask for advice from other women in order to ensure that whatever method or approach used during this interaction was successful enough so as not only get numbers but also maintain contact with said person afterwards via text/phone calls etcetera without coming across as creepy or desperate since nothing says desperation more than trying too hard with someone else who might not reciprocate those feelings back towards oneself either due out fear alone due being rejected by someone else before hand thus leaving both parties feeling bad about themselves afterwards…

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable asking a girl for her number. The most important thing is to be confident and know that you’re doing the right thing! If she doesn’t want your number, it’s okay–she’ll let you know in a polite way so that there are no hard feelings on either side. Remember that if she accepts your offer but never calls or texts back after a while (two weeks), then she probably wasn’t interested in the first place. Don’t be discouraged by rejection though; keep trying until someone finally says yes!

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