Harem Anime Where The Main Character Chooses A Girl


I’m sure we’ve all been there. We watch an anime and fall in love with it. But then, towards the end of the series, the main character suddenly picks a girl that wasn’t even on our radar! In fact, they choose someone completely outside of their usual type (which is typically indicated by physical characteristics or personality traits). That’s when it hits us: we need more harem anime like this one. Luckily for you, here are five new shows that will satiate your craving for something new and different in your favorite genre…

Kaze no Stigma

Kaze no Stigma is a harem anime where the main character chooses a girl. The series follows Kazuma Kannagi, who is able to control fire and has a sister who can also use fire. His mother was killed by his father because she was a fire user and he didn’t want them to have children together. However, Kazuma’s sister Ayano survived due to being hidden away for most of her life until now when they meet again after many years apart as well as other characters such as Shizuru Nakatsuji (who is also another user), Mai Sakurajima (who wants revenge on Kazuma) and Yukina Himeragi (who seems interested in him).


Is an anime about a high school student named Sora who finds himself in the realm of Shangri-La. The place is filled with magic and those who are able to use it are known as Magicians. The series follows Sora’s journey through Shangri-La when he meets up with many other students such as Riku, Shiro and Alice who also have their own unique powers that they must learn how to use in order to survive.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is about a transfer student to Duel Academy, who is chosen by its dean as the first Representative for Slifer Red Dorm. The main character uses an Insect Deck and has only one monster type in his deck – insects. This is different from other harem anime where the protagonist uses several types of monsters like dragons or angels (Saint Seiya), robots (Macross Frontier) or even humans themselves (High School DxD).


Shuffle! is a harem anime that revolves around a boy named Akira and his quest to find love. The story begins when he wakes up in a strange world, where he meets the girls of his dreams. He soon learns that they are all inhabiting his body, and he must choose one as his wife or else they will disappear forever!

Skip Beat!

Skip Beat! is a harem anime where a girl chooses one of her friends as her lover.

The story follows Kyoko, who dreams of becoming an actress. She moves to Tokyo and meets Ren Tsuruga, the number one actor in Japan. He’s handsome, talented and rich but he has a cold personality that everyone fears him for. However when Kyoko comes into his life she changes him forever by making him fall in love with her! But there are other girls who also want Ren’s heart including fellow actresses Moko & Shouko Nakamura who want him for themselves… The question is: who will win his heart?

Ojii-san no Lamp

Ojii-san no Lamp is a harem anime where the main character chooses a girl. The story starts off with a high school student named Sou who has to take care of his grandfather, who is actually a genie. The only problem with this arrangement is that Sou is poor and can’t afford anything to eat or drink! Luckily for him, he has three beautiful girls living next door: Aoi (red), Yui (blue), and Tsuyu (green). They all have different personalities but they all love sweets so much that they’ll do anything to get some delicious treats!

Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World is a story about a man who opens up a restaurant in another world. The main character, Souta Takanashi, is a cook but also has to manage the restaurant and its staff, which includes women from various worlds. As the series progresses you’ll see how each of these girls grows as people through their interactions with one another and our main protagonist.

If you are into harem anime but have seen all of the known ones, we have some new suggestions for you.

  • The main character is a guy
  • The main character has the power to choose a girl
  • He must make a choice between two or more girls (that he likes) and this choice will determine which girl will be his girlfriend.

This means that there’s no ‘harem’ ending where everyone gets together at once or anything like that. It’s just one girl who wins out over all others in terms of love and affection from our hero!

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