An Example Of Primary Standard Compound To Standardize Kmno4 Solution


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    An Example Of Primary Standard Compound To Standardize Kmno4 Solution


    Kmno4 is a compound that’s used in many industries for a variety of different applications. But what is its standardization process? In this article, we will explore an example of how a primary standard compound is standardized in order to create a normalized solution. By doing so, it becomes easier to compare and contrast different KMno4 solutions.

    What is the Primary Standard Compound?

    Primary standard compound is a chemical compound that is used to standardize the concentration of KMnO4 solution. KMnO4 is a strong acid that can corrode metal. The primary standard compound helps to maintain the precise concentration of KMnO4 solution so that it does not corrode metal.

    How to make a standardized KMNO4 solution using the Primary Standard Compound?

    Standardizing a KMNO4 solution involves using the primary standard compound. The primary standard is a pure substance that has been specifically chosen to be the basis for calibrating other substances. When preparing a KMNO4 solution, it is important to use the primary standard compound because it will ensure that the solution is accurate.

    To make a standardized KMNO4 solution, you will need the primary standard compound, distilled water, and potassium iodide. To prepare the solution, dissolve 1 gram of the primary standard in 10 liters of distilled water. Next, add 1 teaspoon of potassium iodide to each liter of solution. Finally, heat the mixture until it reaches boiling point. Let it cool before using it to standardize a KMNO4 solution.


    In chemistry, a primary standard is a substance whose relative concentration can be measured with precision. A common example of a primary standard is water: its volume can be accurately determined using the Litmus Test, and so it can serve as an accurate reference for measuring other chemicals. In physical chemistry, primary standards are also used to calibrate analytical instruments.

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